Room 16

January News

Information Writing

We are taking information writing to the next level in 3rd grade. We are learning the strategies and techniques information writers use as we write about C.L. Smith Elementary together as a class. In addition, every writer has selected his own topic to write about and will apply the same the strategies. The topic selected is one the writer considers himself to be an expert on since research is not a major factor. However, a writer may research if he wants to in order to make his writing more interesting. Examples of past topics/titles are as follows: How to be a Good Babysitter; Donuts; Different Types of Forts; Sandwiches; Volcanoes; Spiders; Daily Five; and How to Make a Braid.

Part of the writing experience is learning how to use a writer's notebook to list ideas, take notes, draft, and practice revising. Later, each writer will transfer his draft on to paper made especially for this genre. It will be a lot of fun!!

Science: Variables

We are well into the second of three experiments. The first experiment helped lay the foundation of establishing a controlled experiment by identifying potential variables, establishing a standard system and isolating the experiment to one variable. This second experiment will show how reliable data can be used to make accurate predictions. Our 3rd graders will have a lot of fun learning this by making paper cup boats and loading them up with passengers (pennies). Later we'll graph our data and trade boats with other science teams. Using a graph, each team will make a prediction of how many pennies these boats will hold and then test their prediction. It's a sight to see.


Please ask to see your child's individual spelling list that he has recorded in his planner. Be sure to double check the spelling of each word and then sign. A copy of this week's list can be found in the spelling section of his binder.