Global warming

Does global warming cause super storms

Global warming

The planet is warming to a degree beyond what many species can handle. Altering or eliminating habitat. Reducing food sources, causing drought and other species harming severe weather events. Even directly killing species that simply can’t stand the heat. pollution give off harmful gas.

Background information

Global warming is were there is to much pollution in the air and causing thing to get hotter. Cars, trucks plane and factories cause most of the pollution. To much pollution can kill plants, animals and even people. Most of the pollution comes from big citys. Example like New York City or Atlanta.


Pollution is Global warming. Plane can give off a lot of pollution because flying back and forth using jet fuel burns real easy and give off pollution. Same with cars, Cars give off not as mush as plane but they still burn a lot of gas with like pulling things make the motor work harder and gives off more pollution and brun more gas. Factories burn the most out of all of them making car trucks and planes and more.

Can Global Warming cause a super storm

Yes, Global Warming can cause a super stom. Why because when it mix with warm air and cold air it can cause a tornado. Tornados can tare do home and much more. It can damage anything that get in its way. Tornado are deadly they can hurt or kill many people.

Facts about global warming

  • human activity is causing or climate to change.
  • from car and trucks
  • fossil fuels
  • natural gas

How Global warming affect the earth today.

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