7.29.19 SPED Meeting

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SPED Teacher meeting presentation

Para meeting presentation

2019-2020 EVALS (FYI)

  • Your evaluator will be doing your pre-conference this year

  • If you have assigned paraprofessionals- then your assigned evaluator will also be doing your paraprofessional evaluation

  • Your assigned evaluator will be contacting you about scheduling your pre-conference

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2018-2019 Year at a Glance (Teachers)

Responses to share your idea

Send a letter to the kids on your caseload during the 1st week.

Set up classroom procedures, create a positive and nonthreatening environment, contact parent

All students can succeed! Routine is important.

At the beginning of the year, I concentrate on learning student names, being active and engaging and helping my caseload students remain calm.

BE accessible to parents and students

BE productive and engaging

BE responsive to student learning needs

Begin the year & every day with a positive attitude.

Behave and learn

Consistency and collaboration

Consistency, clarity and teamwork...

Contact parents

continually ask about the culture at home

Diversified teaching and learning

Do various hands-on learning activities


Have a positive attitude!

It's going to be a great year :)

It's going to be an AWESOME YEAR!!

Kindness, Respect, Willingness to Learn

Learn every day

learn you students name ASAP - makes them feel valued!

My expectations for my classroom is to create an environment that is nurturing, collaborative and one that is conducive to learning.

have a positive attitude!

Follow rules and be respectful

Making a rapport with the students.

No, we are not allowed to send blanket emails


print cards for our special ed (caseload)

Set goals and a positive welcoming environment

The main expectation for my classroom is to respect everyone and be kind.

Communicate with all of my caseload

Positive everyday!!

Be organized and make sure you make contact with your caseload.

Expectations/Norms for your classroom

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