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This is our HMA Pro VPN software Review. If you are looking for the official HMA Pro VPN website, please click the link below.

If you’re searching for a VPN service and wondering whether to enlist HMA Pro VPN, this review is meant for you. HMA Pro VPN is one of the most popular VPN providers based in the UK. HMA Pro VPN is especially ideal if you’re looking for a personal VPN service to provide security and anonymity while browsing online.

HMAProVPN Features:

What makes HMA Pro VPN popular for personal VPN use is that its features are convenient and provide ease of use for personal connections. These include dynamically assigned IPs, unlimited bandwidth allocation, peer-to-peer communications, and 128-bit and 1024-bit encryption levels. These features allow for fast, seamless connections that are secure and anonymous.

HMA Pro VPN software has over 25,000 IPs that users can choose from, allowing for increased anonymity and flexibility. You can have a dynamically assigned IP if you’re constantly on the move or you can choose a dedicated IP if you’re doing things like downloading big files.


HMA Pro VPN offers three VPN plans to choose from, including a one-month plan for $11.52r , a 6-month plan at $49.99, and a one-year plan at $78.66. Again, these plans are tailored to personal needs of individual Internet users and your investment is protected by a 30-day money back guarantee on any plan you purchase.

HMAProVPN : Server Locations

One of the defining factors of a top VPN provider is its server options. Leading VPN providers have several VPN servers located in various places around the world. HMA Pro VPN has a host of VPN servers spread across many big cities around the world, including the U.S (in several states), Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, as well as several other countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. This allows users to easily switch between different VPN servers without extra costs. Precisely, HMA Pro VPN has over 340 server locations in the aforementioned places and more. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 170 server locations and more than 20,000 IPs. When you’re connecting from a particular area, check the server options available as speed increases with proximity to a server.

Easy Access To Localized Content

With flexible server locations comes easy access to localized content. You can easily gain access to American TV shows and other localized content websites from abroad using your HMA Pro VPN account. For instance if you travel to Netherlands and want to watch Netflix, you simply connect to a sever in the U.S. such that you’re assigned a U.S. IP address and the website won’t block you.

Protocols and Compatibility

HMA Pro VPN supports all the major VPN protocols in use today, including L2TP, OpenVPN, and PPTP. Each of these protocols supports different security implementations depending on need. L2TP and PPTP are the most commonly used VPN protocols, and most personal customers will typically choose either of the two for the PC or mobile device. OpenVPN offers the most advanced security of all the protocols and it is ideal for people that carry out financial transactions online and need to be highly secure and anonymous where possible.


In addition to security and online privacy, HMA Pro VPN allows users to access restricted websites based on country IPs. Many sites (typically content and media streaming sites) restrict access to their content for people who are not within a particular area. However, HMA Pro VPN makes access to such websites possible through an IP of that country or region. All you have to do is to connect via a VPN server in that particular country where the website is based. Changing IPs is a seamless process using the HMA Pro VPN interface. The freedom and peace of mind you get with a VPN connection from HMA Pro VPN enables you to become more productive with your online activities.

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