Monday Message

Week of February 11th - February 15th

Happy Valentine's Week!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here is what lies ahead this week!

Our Week At A Glance....

Monday, February 11th:

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

*5th Grade Math Benchmark*

9:30 Dental Assembly/1st Grade - Cafeteria

2:15 RTI Meeting (Traci)

3:15 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Tuesday, February 12th:

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

*5th Grade Reading Benchmark*

9:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:15 Vertical Team meeting - Library

Wednesday, February 14th:

*Crossing Guard Appreciation Day*

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

8:00 Instructional Rounds

9:30 AVLS Motor Lab Party

10:25 LEAD Observation (Traci)

6:30 PTA Meeting/Talent Show

Thursday, February 15th:

*Valentine Cookie Delivery*

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

8:45 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

2:00 GT Selection Committee

Friday, February 16th:

*Student Council Blow Pop Sales*

8:00 TELPAS Calibration

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Big picture

Something To Inspire

Something To Make Us Think.....

More "BEEFY" Bulletin Boards

Your bulletin boards are looking great! With Open House just a few short weeks away, our halls will be ready showcasing the teaching and learning happening at OSE. There are so many cute things each grade level does in preparation for Open House. As you prepare to display your students' work in the hallway for parents to see, remember to connect it to the learning target and/or standard by having the target or standard posted.

The Halls of OSE

Something To Make Us Laugh....
Have a fantastic week - shine bright!