The Dragon Blast

August 2022 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

In this edition:

  • Fall Concessions info and sign up
  • Fan Angel Fundraiser
  • Booster Board Changes
  • Student Accounts & Credit Cards
  • Laundry & Dish Detergent Order Form

Stay Involved & Stay in the Arts!

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Junior High

August 26th - 8th Grade Pre-game performance with NPHS Marching Band!

Full NPJH Calendar Link

New Palestine High School

August 15th: Fan Angel Fundraiser begins

August 19th - 4:30-9:30: Football game for marching band students

August 20th - 9am - 5pm: Marching band mini-camp

August 26th - 4:30-9:30: Football game for ALL NPHS and 8th grade band students

August 27th 9am-5pm: Marching band mini-camp

August 27 - PARENTS - Band Barn Cleaning Day: Help needed to spruce up the band barn and prep for this years prop construction and storage. Hoping to have a big dumpster. (more info to follow!)

October 27: Trunk or Treat!! Mark your Calendars! This is a great evening for the program, and the kids/parents LOVE IT.

For exact times and updates, see the Calendar on New Pal Bands Website, check with your student, or with Mr. Carney.

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Fall Concessions Sign Up

Not only are Fall Concessions a great way to help the band generate funds to grow our program - it's a great way to get involved and begin to put names with the faces that you'll be seeing at Competitions and Performances.

There are over 250 shifts that need filled. We really do need everyone to chip in.


  • The Band program keeps 100% of the proceeds of the events we work (up-sell that candy!)
  • No experience necessary
  • Earn up to $25 per shift to apply to your Student Acct (already paid for this year? Credits roll over into the next season, or even the next school year)
  • Open to anyone over the age of 12 (friends, family, neighbors)
  • This is our year to run Fall Concessions. Next year it will be athletics turn. Take advantage of these credits now. Next year, the opportunities will be reduced

Got a big family? Sign everyone up to take a big event and earn all your credits in one big swoop!

Click the link above for more details!

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Marching Dragons 2022 show titled Cosmosis.

The show includes special arrangements from The Planets by Gustav Holst! You can plan on hearing familiar melodies like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune during the show. From a visual standpoint, there will be a very large field tarp and 8 vertical props stationed in various places around the field. It'll be out of this world! ;)

From Mr. C: "As always, these shows are a long work in progress and the bare bones production currently on the field is absolutely nothing like where it will end! So far, we have about 2:00 on the field of a 7:00 total show and the kids are working hard to add more this week."

PRACTICE PEEK - Color Guard Opener

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PARENTS - please be sure to check your email (back on Saturday) for an email from Mr. Carney. Included in this email were all the instructions needed to set up the Fan Angel Fundraiser.

We are hoping to raise enough money with this fundraiser to pay for some big projects - namely:

We need to wrap the Marching Semi with the new branding for our program!

We also need to build new uniform carts for our growing activity!

If you didn't receive the email, please reach out to Mr. Carney to get it sent again.

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NPHS Band Booster Board Changes

In the past month, we have had two changes to the NPHS Band Booster Board:

1. We officially added our new Concessions Coordinator - Season McMillan

2. The previous Community Liaison/Online Coordinator needed to step down due to time constraints. Following a public vote by the Band Boosters during the parent meeting, Alan Ausbrooks (prior Community Liaison/Online Coordinator) has resumed the role and will be filling in for the year.

We're looking forward to keeping the momentum of the program heading in exciting directions!

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If you are new to the program, you will never know the challenges our previous accounting software created. Understanding a statement was.. well... it was NOT intuitive.

But all that is behind us!! Granted, we may still run into some kinks, but this new software has made the accounting process MUCH easier for everyone. In addition, we now have the ability - as many of you have already taken advantage of - to process credit / debit card, as well as Apple Pay.

If you ever have any questions about your student account (dues that are owed, credits earned, payments applied) please don't hesitate to reach our to our Student Accounts Coordinator - Brandi.

** If you feel you are unable to meet your financial obligations to the band program, please reach out to Mr. Carney to discuss possible options. Having this conversation may very well be the difference in being able to continue with the program, or not. Please have the conversation. Your information and situation will always be kept confidential.

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FUNDRAISER: Laundry, dishsoap, and trashbags

Thank you to everyone that continues to order from this fundraiser. Your continued support of our program is awesome. If you haven't tried it, go for it!

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... they really need to let it go...


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