Inequalities & Equations

By: Naomi K.

Word Problems (One Step)


1) Brooklyn wanted to walk to a mall, which is 10 miles away, she already walked x miles. She has 3 more miles to walk. How many miles did she walk already?

2) Bailey was shopping for shoes, in each store she bought 2 pairs of shoes. At the end of the day she bought 24 pairs of shoes. How many stores did she go to?


1) Bella is shopping for purses, she wants to buy at least 55 purses (for her friends). She already bought 11 purses. How many more purses does she need to buy?

2) Beatrice is having a ice cream party at an ice cream store, each friend ate more than 1/2 a pint of ice cream. If Beatrice bought 16 pints of ice cream. How many friends did she invite?

Solutions (for equations):

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Solutions (for inequalities):

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