Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



2/11 CYCLE DAY 7

Conferences 3:15-7:30

2/12 CYCLE DAY 8

2/13 CYCLE DAY 9

Saber Squad 3:15-4:15

2/14 CYCLE DAY 10

Valentine Day Party

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser Kick Off


NO SCHOOL - Teachers off due to contract settlement



NO SCHOOL - President's Day


BLT 7:30

PTO Meeting (Grants), 6:30


PBIS Meeting (Aune's Room) 2:30

Saber Squad 3:!5-4:15


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


Marco's Fundraiser Night


Prof/Development (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

Marco's Fundraiser Night


Saber Squad 3:15-4:15

Marco's Fundraiser Night

2/28 High School Soccer Players in Cafeteria to promote soccer 11-12


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Move Night (all school) 6:30-8:30


PBIS Meeting 7:35 (Learning Commons)


BLT, 7:30

Field Trip for 3rd Grade Young Scholars to go to the HS 9:20-12:40


Field Trip for 4th Grade Young Scholars to go to the HS 9:20-12:40

Field Trip for 3rd Grade to Orchestra Hall 10:30-11:15

Saber Squad 3:!5-4:15


Field Trip for 5th Grade Young Scholars to go to the HS 9:20-12:40

All School Dental Screenings


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

All School Dental Screenings


Staff Meeting, 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


2 Hour Early Release


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


PTO (Board Only) Meeting 6:30


BLT 7:30


Field Trip for Kindergarten to Works Museum 8:50-11:30

PBIS Meeting, 2:30 (Aune's Room)

Saber Squad 3:!5-4:15


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Kindergarten Music Program 2:00


AirMaxx Fundraiser


Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


Saber Squad 3:15-4:15


3rd Quarter Ends


NO SCHOOL/Teacher Planning Day


Thanks to all for your attention to the non-disclosure video and your positive attitudes. More info to come as far as training for our MCA test monitors.

Stay warm


*Thank you to, Alex Fischer, for cleaning the snow off my car!! It was sooo appreciated!!!!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for lunch!! You are so thoughtful!!

*Thank you, Kathy, for bringing me a tie!! You are so sweet to help me out!!

*Thank you to whoever scraped off my car after conferences!!!❤️❤️

*Thank you to Jeff Triest for clearing off my car Tuesday night after conferences! It made my night! Thanks for being so generous

*Thank you Charlotte Leonard for the Jimmy Johns it was a great surprise.

*Thank you Martie Anglin for having your class write such kind things to the nurse.

*Thank you again Masloski for the unexpected coffee! It made me day!!!

*Thank you Matt for helping me hang the kindness chain. I appreciate it!

*Thank you Schleper for getting the TV for our 4th grade assembly! Now who is going to return it?!

*Thank you, Jaron and Jeff, for brushing the snow off of all the cars in the parking lot after conferences!

*Thanks to Sandy and Sari, for helping out in second grade to get arrival and dismissal complete when we were down a man!

*Kathy, your generosity and kindness goes above-and-beyond every day!

*Evelin, thank you for being a positive advocate for our Spanish-speaking students!

*Sydney, your flexibility and ability to go with the flow, is appreciated!

*Mandy, thank you for being so on top of spreadsheets and grouping second grade students!

*Becca, Jody, Jen, and Barbi, thank you for taking on a new model in reading to help our students continue to grow!

*Second-Grade Team, thank you for helping me stay sane this year!

*Thank you to the snow removal faries!

*Thank you Lexi for putting together our Star Student Assembly.

*Thank you to the snow removal faries!

*Thank you Lexi for putting together our Star Student Assembly.

*Thank you to the KIND person who cleared off my car after conferences! What a great surprise after a long day!

*Thank you to Martie and Deann for putting together a wonderful week of Kindness!

**Thank you to the person who scrapped my car clean on Tuesday night conferences! ☺

*Welcome Ms. Jen to the Jackson staff, we are so fortunate to have you here.

*Thank you Jackson SpEd team for your unwavering support and collaboration every day!

*Deann, thank you so very much for always being a listening ear and supportive heart.

*Thank you all those that helped out in the parking lot with all of the snow!

*HUGE thank you to all those that helped make Kindness Week AWESOME!!! Anglin, you are a ROCK STAR!

*Thank you Barbi for being willing to shuffle things around so that we can try a new intervention! I’m excited to work with you on this!

*Thank you Mr. Marty for making sure we are safe outside!

*Thank you so much to everyone who sent congratulations and welcome messages to me on the birth of Marryn! -Keller

*Char-Thank you for sharing a 3-D Seesaw activity with me.

*Sarah-Thank you for planning math with me and keeping me on track with the plans when we had the cold weather days.

*Thank you, Sari Flatness and Julie Lund for taking on “The Day the Crayon’s Quit” First Grade music program! Great job!

**Thank you, Wendy D., for bringing our books up to the library!

*Thank you, first grade team (and volunteers), for doing the crayon project for our grade – it turned out so cute!

*Thank you, Kira, for being flexible and collaborative with planning the days for our student!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for having your students help with 2 CLASSES doing their FAST testing – you’re amazing!

*Thank you to those that cleaned off the cars before everyone left after conferences! What a pleasant surprise to find!

*Thank you to the kindness committee! This has been a great week, with a great message!

*Thank you, Bristol for the little “pick me up,” so appreciated!

*Thank you, EVERYONE for participating in The Great Kindness Challenge-I so enjoyed how excited the students were about dress up week!

*HUGE THANK YOU to Martie Anglin for going ABOVE and BEYOND to make Jackson a KIND place from helping with kindness videos, finding great kindness activities for our staff/students, hanging up posters/chains, initiating the kindness work station in your cluster, and so much more.

*Thank you to our SpEd case managers and Stephanie St. Peter for accepting district rep duties when Pete, Kevin and I are already double booked! I so appreciate you stepping up to help!! ☺

*Thank you, Bristol for sharing your resources with me!

*Thank you, Noel for rescheduling all those IEP’s for the COLD week- I know it was very stressful on you to get all of those meetings re-scheduled.

*Thank you, Candace Rotert for making me laugh on a daily basis!

*Thank you, Jody Koci for always having your chocolate and candy stocked! ☺

*Thank you, to the STAR room for having unprecedented amount of patience when schedules and routines are off! I know it isn’t easy for our little buddies!

*Thank you, Kevin Bjerken for being flexible with the announcements and working hard to get all those videos and pictures put in for Kindness week!!

*Thank you, Kathy Clarke for helping me with a ‘printer’ issue and calming my anxiety! ☺

*Thank you, Jen Rothstein for working so hard with intervention students- it truly takes a village!!

*Thank you, Evelin for being a WONDERFUL connection for our Spanish students and parents! *You have done such an amazing job developing rapport and trust with our families.

*Thank you to ALL staff that made this a great week of KINDNESS!!!

*Thank you to the best 4th grade team. I am very lucky to work with such caring and helpful people. You stepping in many times to do small things to help me this week!

*Thank you to whomever whipped off my windshield on conference night!

*Thank you to everybody that helped me staple Kindness chains together!

*Thank you Mr. Bjerken, Mrs. Gendlin, Mrs. Altonen, Mrs. Leonard, music, and anyone else that helped make the special announcements this week for the Great Kindness Challenge.

DLC Quick Tip

If you use Epic! in your classroom, you will be happy to know that you can create a collection of books for your students to read.

  • Want to share a thematic book collection with your students?
  • Want to target a specific child's reading needs?

Collections is a tool worth checking out.

Example of Using Collections:

2nd grade students just finished a unit about inventors. There are many books about inventors that could be a shared in a collection so that students are continuing to learn about that topic. Or share it with them while you are in the unit. They can learn more about inventors and inventions during their read-to-self time.

Want to learn more about the Collection feature in Epic!? The video below shows you how to make one, or reach out to your DLC if you need help using the Collections feature in Epic!



  • 2/12 Tim Olene
  • 2/14 Dianne Kersteter
  • 2/17 MaryKate Haake
  • 2/18 Becca Kay Lewis
  • 2/19 Amanda Lymangood
  • 2/21 Kristi Boumeester
  • 2/21 Barb Weierke
  • 2/26 Susan Tanberg
  • 3/1 Mandy Knutson
  • 3/4 Kaitlin Wermerskirchen
  • 3/17 Jenni DeShaw
  • 3/17 Mary Ellen Sandberg
  • 3/22 Dena Gregor
  • 3/25 Becky Keller
  • 3/26 Amy Scott
  • 3/26 Ben Thies
  • 3/28 Amy Pass
  • 3/31 Krissy Luce
  • 4/2 Sarah Hartman
  • 4/4 Wendy Derhaag
  • 4/5 Jen Ulrich
  • 4/8 Faye Hames
  • 4/11 Jennifer Klecker
  • 4/13 Barbi Studtmann
  • 4/18 Heather Broden
  • 4/18 Tammy Haugen
  • 4/23 Tammy Youngvorst
  • 4/25 Megan Henke
  • 4/25 Kira Johanson
  • 4/27 Heather Balk
  • 4/27 Bill Folz