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Mrs. Farmer's Weekly News: Monday, May 9th- Friday, May 13th

What creativity the students demonstrated this week with their BFG narrative rewrites! I've witnessed excellent use of active verbs, dialogue, and wonderful adjectives. Great job, boys and girls!

We will continue the BFG along with Native American poetry and writing. The novel captures the importance of dreams and their meanings. The BFG also captures dreams with his dream catcher, so the students will also create their own dream catchers, and write creative works about their dreams through narrative prose and poetry. They will also write an informational piece analyzing Native American artists and writers.


Common Core Standards Covered This Week:

CCSS.W.7.3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured sequences.

a. Engage and orient the reader by establishing a context and point of view of characters.

b. Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing description, to develop experiences, events, and/or characters.

CCSS.W.7.2: Write informative texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information.

CCSS.W.7.9: Compare and contrast a fictional portrayal of a time, place, or character and a historical account of the same period.

Monday: Bellwork. Students will be introduced to Native American poetry and dream catchers. They will have to write a narrative piece of a dream. Students will also create a dream-catchers along with their narrative writing piece.

Tuesday: Bellwork. Students will continue with their project and complete their narrative and dream-catchers. Students will present.

Wednesday: Students will continue to read The BFG. They will compare and contrast their reading with Native American poetry. Students will create their own poem for a dream jar. This poem must be magical in a sense and capture the essence of Native American writings.

Thursday: Bellwork. Students will continue with their projects and then move on to an informational piece to study the lives and works of Native American writers.

Friday: Students will have a checkpoint on figurative language and narrative prose. They will finalize all work and turn in, and present.

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"Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day"

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