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Whats in a name?

Here is an explanation of how its state got its name, it was spanish for snowy because it had snow on Nevada's mountains. This is the nickname my state has been given, it is the silver state this is how my state got its nickname, it got its name because there is a lot of silver & gold, all of it produced more than 1 BILLION DOLLARS! That's why it is called "the silver state."

Location Of My State

I'm right of California left of Utah bordering up Oregon& Idaho, & below me is Arizona

Early Historical facts

First Known inhabitants are Paleo Indians, they lived there since it was discovered & they hunted all they want to eat & live & hunt, since no one was there except for them.

Settlement: Spanish explorers came & found out about a new land (Nevada) & became a part of Mexico before it became a territory & a state in the United States Of America.

Territorial days, Nevada wasn't involved in the Civil War because it was a Territory & it was discovering a lot of silver & gold.

Physical Features Of Nevada

My State has Dry main land regions.

Each region is described below

The Sierra Nevada & river valley is west & very steep & rocky with mountains & valleys.

A Columbia Plateau is a small corner, sagebrush & pine trees grow there. Mogave Desert is south in Nevada & grows Yucca & Cholla Cactus.

The eastern part of Nevada as a lot of mountains with lots of rain & snow Usually more than the center of the state.

The highest point in the state is Boundary Peak at 13,140 feet

The lowest point of the state is Clark county at 479 feet

The area of the state is 110,567 square miles

It ranks 7 in among the states.

Political Features of Nevada

The population of my state is 2.839, million people as of this date 2012.

There are 16 counties in the state The largest county in size is Clark County, with 1,951,269

The five largest cities are

5.) North Las Vegas: 216,961 people

4.) Paradise: 223,167 people

3.)Reno :225,221 people

2.)Henderson:257,729 people

1.)Las Vegas: 583,756 people

as of this date 2012.

The major Highways in the state are Carlin,Elko,Wells,Winnemucca&Lovelock.

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State Flag

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State Flower

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One of many state license plates in nevada

National Parks, Historical sites and Other Points Of Interest.

Southern Nevada zoo, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley National Park, National Wildlife refuge,Churchill state park,rodeo,Las Vegas Casino& Valley Of Fire State Park.

Famous People

Mark Twain: One Of America's most famous writers for writing The adventures Of Huckleberry Finn The adventures of Tom Sauyer & Roughing.

John Mackay: Mine owner & community leader Mackay's family donated much money to help build The University Of Nevada in Reno. Lived In Virginia City.

Moya Lear: Widow of inventor Bill Lear Moya Lear was a well known supporter of the arts & education. lived in Reno.

Robert Laxalt: A respected writer, known for writing about Basque culture & Nevada. Lived in Reno.

Andre Aggassi: International tennis staar & Las Vegas community supporter. Agassi has raised more than 10 million dollars to help the city's young people. Born In Las Vegas.