Ms. H's Pre K!

What's going on in our classroom this week?

Hello Parents!

I hope you are having a great week! In this newsletter you will explore the many activities going on in our classroom. We are having so much fun here in Pre K! There are so many personalities that are coming together to make one big happy family in our classroom. We are so excited for you to come to Open House next week to see our classroom and view the fine work your child has created. So scroll down and explore the many subjects we are going over in our classroom this week and a few reminders!


This week in math we are learning about positional words. For example: above, below, behind, inside, etc. More importantly we are learning how to use the positional words in sentences. This will help the children successfully express where people and objects are located. We will be learning this skill through many different activities this week.

Want to help you child at home?
Encourage your child to use positional words when asking for things or telling you where things are around the house, outside in the backyard, or even when you go out to run errands!


This week we will be reading many books. We will be working on understanding the meaning of the text through our reading. The children will be looking at the pictures and asking questions about the various readings. We will also be learning how to take good care of our books! For example: picking up a book with two hands, placing the book on the shelf instead of the floor, etc.

I want to encourage all parents to read to their children whenever possible. While reading, try asking your child questions about the book. Ask them what is happening, why it is happening, or how it is happening. These questions will get them to use their higher level thinking skills.

Also remember to stop by and visit our library with your child to take home some books! They can practice their great handling book behaviors and you can find something to read together.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we will be learning about community workers. We are extremely fortunate to have some community workers come to visit our Pre K classroom this week! We are having a local fireman, a local police woman, and a local bus driver come by and share with us how they help our community. We will be creating a class book on the community workers and what we learn on how they help our community. Each child will get to contribute a page to our class book!

It would be great to enlighten your child with YOUR knowledge on various community workers as well. Some good places may be when you visit the doctor or go to the grocery store. Discuss with your child the ways we can help our community as well.


I am sure your child has told you of our mealworms we are taking care of. It has been quite fun and exciting! We are learning about different organisms and the life cycles of those organisms. Since Spring is here and we have all this pretty weather, we have been adding plants to our classroom garden as well. When we visit the Outdoor Learning Center the children will have the opportunity to see all types of flowers, butterflies, and various insects.

You can discuss with your child about the various organisms and life cycles we are studying. Ask them questions because I know they will have a lot to tell you! Encourage your child to go outside and explore nature.

Field Trip to Outdoor Learning Center

Don't forget to send your child's signed permission slip for our trip to the Outdoor Learning Center next week. Also, make sure to pack a sack lunch for your child for our picnic while we are there. Parents are invited and encouraged to come!

Ms. H

Feel free to email me with any questions you have concerning your child or the happenings of our classroom. I look forward to seeing all of you next week for Open House!