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Sharing the Love, February 2022

"I didn't fall for you, you tripped me!"

- Jenny Han, To All the Boys I've Loved Before

In This Issue:

  1. Juniors Host Utah Higher Education Day
  2. Sophomore CCR Meetings Begin
  3. Girls State Applications
  4. Don't Sleep on Tech Colleges!
  5. SheTech Explorer Day
  6. Mental Health Supports
  7. Citizenship Recovery
  8. February Events/Save the Dates


Utah Higher Ed Day is a Seminar for 2nd Semester for 11th Grade

Utah College Reps will visit NUAMES

  • North Campus 8:00-11:00 am
Opening Meeting - Elizabeth Hall Auditorium 229

  • Davis Campus 12:00-3:00 pm
Opening Meeting - D3 Ballroom
Rotations in various classrooms (schedule TBD)

Apologies for NUAMES Davis Juniors...We know the time is not ideal,

but we had to host during Weber State Spring Break.


What is a CCR meeting?

  • CCR stands for College and Career Readiness
  • We will talk about YOUR college and career goals
  • Your counselor will review your high school credits for graduation
  • Your counselor can give you resources to start researching different careers and/or colleges
  • If you have failed core classes in the past, we can talk about options for CREDIT RECOVERY

How do I Schedule my CCR Meeting?

  1. Find the email from your Counselor or look in the Canvas Announcement
  2. Pick an appointment time most convenient for you and your parent/guardian
  3. You can book an appointment slot at our website:

North Campus 10th Graders...

CCR Meetings are ongoing. Please reach out to your Counselor to schedule this required appointment!


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How to Apply for Girls State:

1) Pick up a Girls State Interest Form - in the NUAMES MAIN OFFICE.

2) Turn in the completed Girls State Interest Form (to the main office). **By FEB. 15th.**

3) SIGN UP FOR AN INTERVIEW. (In the Main office) **Interviews will be held in March. (Date/Time TBA)

4) Attend an Interview. These will be scheduled by American Legion Auxiliary leaders and will likely be held virtually.

5) IF you are selected to participate, American Legion will contact you and give you additional instructions (you will need to complete a registration process and pay the $450 participation fee by March 31st,2022).



Why Choose a Tech College?

Sometimes we think that universities are the ONLY route to success. However, our local Tech Colleges are a great resource for students! Even if you continue onto college, a job certification earned at Davis Tech or OTech can be a great part time job while you earn a Bachelor's Degree.

It all comes down to WHAT JOB YOU WANT in the future! Do what makes you happy!

Benefits to a Technical Education/Job Certifications:

  • Short term training (some 6-13 months) vs 4+ years of college
  • Tuition is WAIVED during high school, so it can nearly free
  • Can be part of your NUAMES schedule (maybe here one day, at tech college the next)
  • STACK YOUR CREDENTIALS! Then when you leave college, you can have certificates, work experience in that field AND a degree
  • Some careers don't even require a university degree and pay really good!
  • Some bachelor's programs require certifications before you can be accepted
  • Example: Nursing students should get their CNA certificate and sometimes even LPN certificate before colleges will take you as a nursing student.


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What is SheTech?

SheTech Explorer Day is a hands-on tech conference for high school girls from grades 9th through 12th. This day-long event will include hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our ultimate goal is to expose girls to technology in a fun atmosphere while they meet STEM role models to learn more about opportunities in those fields. Girls who attend will have access to internships, receive a SheTech certificate, access pathway information, and become part of a community that provides girls have opportunities in STEM.

The day is tech interactive and enables girls to experience, innovate and create. Girls start in the morning with working sessions where they explore tech, such as robotics, computer programming, digital media, health, and microbiology. They then hear from inspirational females and industry visionaries. In the afternoon, the girls experience the TechChallenge where they work with industry mentors to ideate, solve and pitch their solutions.

This year’s workshops include:

  • > Programming
  • > Engineering
  • > Aerospace
  • > Robotics
  • > Product Invention & Entrepreneurship
  • > Biomedicine
  • > Web, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, and User Experience
  • > Gaming, Esports, VR
  • > Science in Tech (e.g. chemistry, formulation, materials)

SheTech Next Steps

See Mrs. Graham at Davis or Mrs. Ito at North in the Counseling Center for more information.

You can also find the PERMISSION SLIP on Canvas Seminar course.

First Come, First Served!



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North Campus Connect Groups

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Youth Groups in the Community to Support Mental Health

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Students who have received a U from NUAMES Teachers

  • Students can make up 1 U with 4 hours of Community Services
  • Students can check with teacher who gave them the U and see if they're willing to do a contract to clear the U
  • Students can check with their School Counselor or Administration to create Student Success Plan if neither of the above options works
  • $10 fee per U is also required to be paid
Visit our Website for more information:

North Campus U Removal Classes

Attend a class to make up the citizenship credits. For each class you can attend you may receive credit for one "U" /.25 citizenship credit makeup.

You will be required to attend the entire hour class to receive makeup, other requirements will be explained during class. More instructions will be given during this time as to how to complete the process to have your "U" removed.

Mrs. Ito's Citizenship Makeup Class

Lind Lecture Hall Room 127 (Mrs. Maltby's room)

Below are the dates it is being offered:

  • Tuesday 2/1/22
  • Wednesday 2/9/22
  • Thursday 2/10/22
  • Wednesday 2/23/22
  • Thursday 2/24/22
  • Wednesday 3/2/22
  • Thursday 3/3/22


  • Feb 1 or 2: MANDATORY Senior Seminars in D2 110-111
  • Feb 1: Opportunity Scholarship Application DUE
  • Feb 1: Expect the Great Conference Registration Opens
  • Feb 3: Parent Workshop "Everyday Strong" 6:30 PM
  • Feb 4: Last Day to Register and/or DROP WSU CE Semester Classes
  • Feb 8: UVU Diversity in Leadership Conference for Seniors (see flyer below)
  • Feb 9 and 10: Counselors Visit 11th Grade English classes (BE THERE for ACT and UHED Day Registration!)
  • Feb 10: National Day of Hope / North Campus Hope Squad Lunch Activity
  • Feb 12: USU hosts "First in Family" Engineering Day (see flyer below)
  • Feb 14: Hope Squad Valentine's Day Lunch Activity at Davis
  • Feb 17: MIDTERM
  • Feb 18: Hope Squad Team Retreat
  • Feb 25: Last Day to Withdraw from YEAR LONG CE classes
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We Join Our Students in Celebrating Black History Month in February!

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  • Mar 1: SheTech Field Trip
  • Mar 4: Utah Higher Education Day for Juniors
  • Mar 7-11: WSU Spring Break
  • Mar 10: ACT Test (only juniors come to school)
  • Mar 10-11: NUAMES Counselors OUT
  • Mar 18 or 19: US U Engineering Extravaganza Days (see flyer below)
  • Mar 24: Sophomore Conference at Weber State main campus
  • Mar 25: Expect the Great VIRTUAL Conference for African, African-American and Black Students (register starting Feb 1 HERE)
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