Come To The Middle Colonies!

By: Will Barrett and Thomas Luschen

Hungry? Come to Us

In the Middle Colonies, we have warm, sunny summers, you also don't have to worry about getting hungry in winter when living in the middle of the breadbasket. Hey farmers, come on down to the Middle Colonies, we have fertile soil for you to plant crops like barley, wheat, oats and rye. If you can't find space to fish up north, come on down to New Jersey and Delaware that have plenty of space for you to catch fish to make money.
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Being Persecuted? All are Welcome Here

Hey Quakers, Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, Presbyterians and other persecuted religions you can be free in the Pennsylvania. If your family or friends are living in other countries, invite them too, no immigrants or non-Anglican/non-Puritans are all welcome here. Around here you will not be forced to follow a state church because their isn't one.
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Need a Job, Losing Money? Come

We enjoy a successful economy that is halfly based on crops, mostly grains like wheat and barley also including oats. We are also successful in logging, shipbuilding, textile production and paper making. In big cities like Philidelphia and New York there are big shipping hubs, also being a common craftsmen like a silversmith and a blacksmith is a good paying job around here
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