Where were they born? What year?

He was born in Paris, France in November 21, 1694

What was their jobs?

He was a Philosopher, Historian, and Writer.

What are their greatest achievements in life?

Voltaire's first accomplishment was his tragedy that he wrote in 1717-1718 while in prison in Bastille called Œdipe. This was one of the first times he identified himself by his new pen name, Voltaire. This tragedy brought him great fame

What are their political thoughts and beliefs?

Voltaire wanted humanity to be led by their experience.

He wanted Paris to be more like London.

Voltaire was known to question his own beliefs and gradually shifted from an optimistic view of the world to a rather pessimistic view, noted in Candide.

1st Friend: Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

Raiden is powerful and has a way of speaking to others to understand what and why is happening to him.

2nd Friend: Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat)

A Good Student/Friend Of Raiden That Is Up To Prove That Both Voltaire and Raiden Are Right About Humanity Being Led By Experience.