Renewable energy

Renewable energy for wind

How wind mills work

Wind ene

The renewable energy

I'm going to talk to you about wind energy.from old holland to farms in the United stats wind mills have been used for pumping water or grinding the wind mills are modern equivalent (a wind turbine)can use the wind energy to generate electricity.wind turbins like windmills are mounted on a tower to capture the most energy.
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How wind turbine works

Turbines operate on a simple principle.The energy in the wind turbines two or three propellers around the the rotor.The router is connected to the main shaft which spins to generate to create electricity.
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Advantages for windmills

The windmill does not pollute the air like powerplants do .it has a very low impact because compared with other low carbine power source wind does not create impact.The green house won't get gas in the green house.

disadvantages for windmills

Once the turbin is the energy is produces does not cause greenhouse gases.wind turbines are being manufactured are produced.when turbines are built in the form of vertical axis and horizontal axis