Abstract Concepts

By: Sara WUbante


Denotation, Connotation, Association

Denotation: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Connotation: Being better than everyone, ignorance, and disgust.

Association: 1.)Rich upper class about the poor.

2.) Racism

3.) Stereotyping

Concept of predjuice

A feeling of being better, but actually not knowing what is going on. Staying in the dark and pretending to know what is going on. Basing your impression of someone through one meeting, but knowing absolutely nothing about that person. Never checking the reason of one result, then retelling the information to others.

To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice examples

Everyone in Maycomb judges Boo Radley, and considers him to a insane monster. They have absolutely no clue on who Boo Radley is, because they never knew him personally and it has been 15 years since they saw him. The Cunninghams and another Caucasian family being mistreated by other resident of Maycomb. No one knows what it is like to live in destitute poverty like them, and treats them as less as human for being poor. How black people are considered to be the blame for stolen goods, or are considered the ones fooling around.

Society Prejudice examples

The notion that every Syrian refugee who seeks asylum in America is a terrorist. Out of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees only 10 or less were terrorists; many of the attacks were made by average citizens radicalized by terrorists via internet. Colored people on average do not do better in school than Caucasian. Every black adult male has either been to jail or is holding a gun. Other countries seeing Americans as arrogant and fat. How western countries view Africa as a place of starvation.
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The 1st image shows us how most of society would view Jefferson Moon if they saw him walking down the street. Someone who looks like a gangster, holding guns irresponsibly, gold jewelry and teeth, and sagging pants. Even for people who sag pants we already have a mindset of how they would be like. Jefferson Moon is a Harvard graduate that seems to have his life going smoothly. On the notions that many have for African-American men, people would already see him as a failure before hearing his story. This is the core of prejudice, ignorance but feigning knowledge.


Denotation, Connotation, and Association

Denotation: The ability to do something that frightens someone; strength in face of pain or grief.

Connotation: Overcoming something that has bothered you for a while.

Association: 1.) finishing a challenge

2.) Doing something you yourself have never imagined doing

3.) Standing up to something you dread or fear.

Concept of COurage

It symbolizes something great and unimaginable. Doing something that can ultimately backfire on you, but doing it anyway for a better result. A feeling which I constantly am in dire need or want but have no constant grasp of it

Courage in To Kill A Mokingbird

  1. When Atticus takes on the case even knowing that he is going to lose; he gives up his pride.
  2. Jem doing all the dare that Dill and Scout tell him to, even though he does it quickly and is clearly terrified he still finishes the task, overcoming his fear.
  3. When Dill, Jem, and Scout go out in the summer to the Radley's place.

Courage in society

Standing up to peer pressure, even though it can effect your life and social standing/norms that you have gotten used to. Doing something for work or school that you actually fear or despise. In the previous example, you are giving up or overcoming a emotion to get a objective done. Learning to not always go with the norms in fear that you may be called weird or abnormal. Learning how to stand up to cyber bullying or any form of bullying.
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courage image

I chose the image from the movie 300. In a war with one of the greatest empire of that time, Persia, the small city-states of Greek fought against. Even though they were greatly outnumbered by number, technology, and funding of the war they fought. This is based on history, but of course there was no image of that time. They are riding into a hopeless war, ready to die with the mindset of winning. This is courage, facing the impossible prepared for failure and success.


Denotation, Connotation, Association

Denotation:an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

Connotation: A must in life that you must complete

Association: 1.) Owing someone something

2.) A responsibility to do your best in school

3.) Doing your best in a competition because of your coaches and teammates

4.) Community service after using public property

Concept obligation

Obligation is a chain that can drag you down or lift you up. It is suffocating at times but can drain your worries. Obligation is both a good and bad thing depending on who or what you owe it to. Doing a chore or task that has been part of your tradition or culture, this binds you through the fact that it has become a mundane task.

Obligation in TO Kill a Mocking Bird

  1. Jem reading to Mrs.Dubase, because he promised Atticus to, making it a responsible.
  2. Scout acting as a proper lady is considered her obligation a a Maycomb "woman"
  3. Atticus taking on Tom Robinson case, because he feels like it is his duty to take on all cases.
  4. Calpurnina making sure that the kids go to church, because all Christians are supposed to go on a sunday.

Obligation in society

Serving as the jury when the court calls upon you, or doing community service. You do this because you "owe" the government for all the public services you use. Trying your best in school and other activities they wish for, because they raised you financially with love. Some feel the responsibility to act their social class because of morals.
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Obligation Picture

Barack Obama is the president of the United States, a country with mass responsibilities. He has limited power, but power none the less, so he has a duty/obligation to listen to the American people and do what is best for them. He is tied by the morals of, you lead the people so lead them to the right path, work for the country that raised you, or you picked this position so do it right. Obama is bound tightly to the responsibilities of being a president a public figure that embodies America in other countries.


Denotation, Connotation, and Association

Denotation:lack of fairness or justice, an unjust act or occurrence.

Connotation: Injustice feels unfair, cruel, or punishment with lack of reason.

Association: 1.) Jim Crow Laws

2.) Women's right in underdeveloped and developing countries.

3.) Corrupt politicians

concept injustice

Injustice is seeing someone suffer unfairly and doing nothing about it. A person having more benefits for absolutely no reason. Injustice is someone being hurt or punished for absolutely nothing.

Injustice in To Kill A Mockingbird

When Tom Robinson is condemned guilty, and dies trying to run away. Atticus being the defendant lawyer to a case that was already decided. Scout being told not to read, because her teacher didn't want her to be ahead. Boo being locked up in his house for more than 15 years for reasons under speculation. African- Americans being perceived only by stereotypes and not by who they are. Scout being punished at Aunt Alexandra's house, but Francis getting Scott free.

Injustice in Society

The poor getting poorer while the rich are getting richer. Innocent civilians taking the blame to crimes they didn't commit. Being held responsible for actions you did not commit at a workplace or school. Someone being judged or having prejudices flung upon them. Loosing your job due to budget cuts or accusing your boss of sexual harassment. Women working the same as men but getting less.
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Injustice picture

The Berlin conference of 1878, a true blemish on history. European countries all came to a room and split up Africa to their needs, but not one African was there, They would change millions of lives for good or bad, but they has no say in this crucial decision. Dressed nicely and being civilized, while their decisions were anything but. Ruining millions for money to people who had done nothing wrong to you. This was injustices and was even more so because the people affected were not there or had any idea that this was their plan