President Carter

Catherine Cain: Chapter 40

Election of Carter

Election of 1976

  • Democrat- jimmy carter- WON

    • Promises to never lie to American public

    • 297 electoral votes

    • 40,825,839 popular votes

  • Republican - Gerald Ford

    • 240 electoral votes

    • 39,147,770 popular votes

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Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian Diplomacy

  • champion for human rights

    • Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) & South Africa fought for black rights

    • Camp David Accord- September 17, 1918

      • President Anwar Sadat of Egypt & Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel → signed peace accord

      • mediated by Carter- great success in preventing war in Middle East

      • Israel agreed w/ draw from territory gained in 1967 war in return Egypt had to respect Israel's territories

    • Carter pledged return Panama Canal to Panama year 2000 & resume full diplomatic relations w/ China in 1979
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Economic & Energy Issues


  • 1974- prices rising rapidly (rate more than 10% /year) = “double digit inflation”

  • 1974- ^^^ dramatically oil prices from OPEC

    • =

  • 1979- inflation 13%

Carter problems roots:

  • US dependence on foreign oil

    • called for legislation improve energy conservation → little public support

1978-- convinced Congress pass an $18 billion tax cut

  • Despite this... economy continued to fail

Although early in his presidency relatively popular, popularity of President Carter soon dropped as world events took turn for worse

1979- Carter Energy Crisis

Energy Crisis

  • Iran

    • 1979- Iran’s shah Mohammad Reza Pahlevi→ installed by US 1953 & ruled as a dictator → → OVERTHROWN

    • succeeded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

    • Iran fundamentalists-- very opposed of West customs → why Iran stopped exporting oil

OPEC raised oil prices = oil crises

July 1979- President Carter- @ Camp David- met w/ hundreds of advisers to contemplate solution to America’s problems

July 15, 1979-- Carter chastised US people for obsession of material woes ("If it's cold, turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater.") → stunned the nation

Few days later-- fired 4 cabinet secretaries & tightened circle around advisers

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Beginning of Iranian hostage crisis 1979

Iranian Hostage Crisis

US hostages were in cruel captivity (mobs burned down US flag) by other dance place

  • Carter 1st tried--economic sanctions to force release of hostages → failed

  • 2nd-- commando rescue mission → aborted

    • 2 military aircraft collided (8 of would-be rescuers killed)

  • January 20, 1981-- hostages not released until inauguration day of Ronald Reagan

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