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Supreme Court Cases of the EOC

Plessy v Ferguson, 1896:Supreme Court case that allowed for "separate but equal" facilities.

Mendez v Westminister, 1956: Federal case in California, challenged racial segregation in schools - segregating Mexican American students is unconstiutional.

Delgado v Bastrop ISD, 1948:US Federal District court ruled the segregation of Mexican Americn students was illegal

Sweatt v Painter, 1950: Supreme Court case stating thtat the attempt to create a segregated UT Law School was unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause

Brown v Board of Education, 1954: Supreme Court case that ended "separate but equal" ruling from Plessy v Ferguson , led to desegregation of all public schools.

Hernandez v Texas, 1954: Supreme Court case, Mexican Americans and other racial groups have equal protection under 14th amendment.

Tinker v Des Moines, 1969: Supreme Court extending 1st Amendment rights to students, freedom of speech includes free expression.

Wisconsin v Yoder, 1972: Supreme Court case, Amish children are exempt from compulsory education beyond 8th grade because it violates parents; rights to freedom of religion

White v Regester, 1973: Supreme Court ruled Texas redistricting in 1970 was discriminatory against different groups in various districts

Edgewood ISD v Kirby, 1993: Texas case ending discrimination against poor school districts, redistributes property taxes equally across the state from richer districts to poorer districts

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