Earth Brochure

By Dax Hartenburg

How the Earth is Organized

Pacific ocean

Some opportunities are easy to get food and off shore cruising. Some challenges are tsunamis and oil spills because they can kill animals and people. some travel tips are you should watch out 4 dangerous animals in the ocean. The packing list is shorts a bathing suit a coat and hat 4 when it gets cold. Some suggestions 4 another place is the Indian ocean.
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Some opportunities are heat from when it erupts. Some challenges are falling ash when it erupts. Another challenge is the volcano erupting. Also if you climb it oxygen will get low as you reach the top. Travel tips are near the top of it you will lose oxygen. packing list 4 mount st Helen is a day pack, water, food, sunglasses, hat, hiking footwear, spare socks, flashlight, spare batteries, sled, first aid. suggestion for another place is the Volcano in Hawaii.
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Some opportunities 4 deserts are it has a lot of heat. some challenges are hard to find food and water. Watch out 4 sandstorms in the area. Hiking Boots, Water, Food, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Rain/Wind Gear, Layered Clothing, Flashlight, Pocketknife, Personal Medication, A suggestion 4 another place is mount etna
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