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Club Statement: Broadway ACES is a student leadership development club comprised of outstanding Juniors and Seniors who have excelled in academics and have demonstrated excellent character throughout high school. ACES serve as ambassadors for BHS by giving tours and participating in various community service and leadership opportunities.
Website: Facebook page open to ACES only
Sponsor: Mr. Beckstrom, Counseling Office
Sponsor Email: dbeckstrom(at)
Club Specs:
-Applications are available in the Spring for the following year (so, 10th graders should apply to be an ACE during their 11th grade year).
-Successful applicants will have already demonstrated success in our three guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.
-Academic records and discipline history are also reviewed.
A BHS ACES member standing with one arm in the air with a group of children behind her.
BHS ACES member striking a fierce pose.


Club Statement: Book Club strives to foster a lifelong love of reading, expand the members' personal literary experiences, strengthen and support the Standards of Learning taught in English class, provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and opinions, and promote reading within the learning community.
Sponsor: Mrs. Katherine Jopling, Rm 214
Sponsor Email: kjopling(at)
Club Specs:
-Students must complete an application and pay dues of $10. Dues go toward the student's first book for club, but students must purchase books for the remainder of our meetings--we read a new one for each club meeting.
-Activities we've organized in the past include taking a field trip to the National Book Festival, raising books to start libraries with the African Library Project, co-sponsoring Read-a-Thon/Movie-a-Thons, and working on the creation of local Little Free Libraries.
Four book club members holding an open book in their hands.
Book Club members on their field trip to the National Book Festival holding copies of "Divergent" signed by author Veronica Roth.

Broadway Sports

Choir Club

Club Statement: Choir Club is an extracurricular choral ensemble meeting 2-3 days/week from 7:15-7:45am and on club days. The ensemble explores a wide variety of mostly contemporary a cappella choral music.

Sponsor: Mrs. Kaitlyn Townsend

Sponsor Email:

Club Specs

  • must have previous singing experience
  • does not have to currently be enrolled in a choir course, though it's strongly encouraged
  • interested students should speak with Mrs. Townsend


Club Statement: The Community Involvement Club’s (CIC) purpose is to foster a desire for community service within Broadway High School and the surrounding community. We strive to provide our members with a variety of opportunities to donate their time and energy. In CIC, each member is encouraged to find a service that they enjoy and can use to benefit those around them.
Sponsor(s): Emily Reedy & Kate Hollenburg
Sponsor Email:,
Club Specs:
-To join CIC, a student must have a positive attitude and a willingness to be flexible as a volunteer!

-There are $5 club dues for returning members (to help with supplies costs) and $20 dues for new members who would like a club T-shirt.
-To remain in the club, a student must complete 5 hours of community service by the end of the first semester.
-To be a member the next year, a student must have completed at least 20 hours of community service before the end of the current year. We will ensure that the student has more than enough opportunities to earn those hours.
-See sponsor for application!

Image of the Annual BHS Pink Out hosted by CIC. There is a large group of individuals wearing pink in the gym.


Club Statement: The Debate club provides opportunities for informal debate. A primary focus of the club is to promote thoughtful discussion, while exchanging opposing points of view. We also encourage students who are interested in formal debate to contact Stephen O’Baugh (sobaugh(at), the BHS Debate coach.
Sponsor: Mrs. Ann Hill, Library
Sponsor Email: ahill(at)
Club Specs:
-must complete an application
-open to any interested students


Club Statement: DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
Website: VA DECA & DECA
Sponsors: Mrs. Mallory Cromer and Seth Stratford, Room 114
Sponsor Email: sstratford(at), mcromer(at)
Club Specs:
-Must be enrolled in a Marketing or Business course for that school year to participate in the club.
-Opportunities include Academic State Competition (at Virginia Beach), National Competition (various locations throughout the United States, such as Florida and California)
-DECA gives away $300,000 in scholarships
Deca Officers 2018-2019
DECA Officers 2018-2019 Not Pictured: Faith Jones and Hannah Mast


Club Statement: The BHS Diversity Club is committed to celebrating diversity within our student population and larger Broadway community by engaging in activities that help students understand more about each other as well as by combating bullying both in our school and beyond. This is a predominantly student led club because statistics show that real change can only occur when the students themselves initiate and support the change. This is a fun club that can have a lasting difference on the lives of students, teachers, staff, and the community.
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Jennifer Ennis, Rm 221 & Mrs. Emily Whistleman, Rm 223
Sponsor Email: jennis(at), ewhistleman(at)
Club Specs:
-The first club meeting is open to all students and will be in the Lecture Room during 6th period.
-To join, there is a small writing requirement providing ideas for school activities that promote diversity and anti-bullying.
-NO COST to join
-Monthly club meetings
-Participation in a school-wide assembly dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and celebrating diversity
-Creating and leading programs/field trips at the local elementary schools to raise awareness of bullying and celebrating diversity at the younger levels
Three diversity members sitting around a carpet leading an activity with students.
BHS Diversity Club members at a local elementary school.


Club Statement: Our goal is to introduce students to the world of theatre by providing workshops, viewing performances, and encouraging student's abilities to perform on-stage.
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Amy Tewalt, Rm 205
Sponsor Email: atewalt(at)
Club Specs:
-$10 dues and an application
-Students will create, produce, and participate in community and school outreach opportunities through drama.


Club Statement: ELL Club is a club for served, monitored & former ELL students. The club focuses on learning a new language, living in the United States, making the most out of high school, seeking opportunities for further education, and exploring career opportunities.
Sponsor(s):Ms. Kathleen Leigh, Reading Roost (even days)
Sponsor Email: kleigh01(at)
Club Specs:
-This is a FREE club!
-Open to all current & former ELL students
-Activities vary and include: Interest survey & Homecoming activities, International Fair, importance of goal setting & how to set SMART goals,International Dinner, making the most out of high school, how to create an impressive resume & filling out a job application, interviewing to land that job you want, college & career info, financial management, relationships and more.


Club Statement: Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is a national Career and Technical Student Organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences education.
Sponsor: Mrs. Donna Martz, Room 231
Sponsor Email: dmartz(at)
Club Specs:
-The organization is open to students who are enrolled or have been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Sciences Class.
-Any students interested should see Mrs. Martz.
-Students have the opportunity to participate in state programs and competitions.


Club Statement: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education
Website: click here!
Sponsor: Mr. Herb Hoffeditz, Rm 255 & Janae Pettit, Rm 254
Sponsor Email: hhoffeditz(at), jpettit(at)
Club Specs:
-Students must have an agriculture course scheduled
-This club is about more than farming. Agriculture is very broad and diverse including, plants, animals, natural resources, mechanics, food science, and business management.
-Participation in FFA gives members the opportunity to develop personally, compete in a variety of contests, and travel to many local, state and national events.
BHS FFA members and a big old cow!
BHS FFA members and a big ol' cow!


Club Statement: Future Film Critics Club strives to foster a love of film and film study, expose students to film criticism, strengthen and support the Standards of Learning taught in English class, provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and opinions, and promote thoughtful approaches to film within the learning community.
Sponsor(s): Mr. Cody Bentley, Rm 209
Sponsor Email: cbentley(at)
Club Specs:
-Students must complete an application
-Pay $5 club dues
-We also co-sponsor the annual Read-a-Thon/Movie-a-Thon.

Latin Club

Club Statement: The Latin Club is an academic club that promotes awareness and appreciation for the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. We learn about different parts of Roman and Greek culture, encourage the study of Latin and meet as a group to learn and play ancient games. Our chapter is part of the Virginia Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League.
Website: click here! and here for VJCL!
Sponsor: Mr. Konyar, Room 237
Sponsor Email: skonyar(at)
Club Specs:
-Must be enrolled in a Latin course currently, or have taken a Latin course last school year.
-Dues are $10, which help pay for state and national affiliation costs.
-We elect club officers once a year and design Broadway Latin Club t-shirts each school year.
Latin Club members participate in Atalanta's togas!
Latin Club members (Ryan Smith, Kaylyn Beach, Alyssa Wilberger and Michaela Jenkins) participate in Atalanta's togas!


Club Statement: Our chapter is part of a national organization. The National Honor Society recognizes those students who excel academically, distinguish themselves as leaders both inside and outside of school, demonstrate high character, and provide voluntary service to their communities. Members are expected to model the 4 core qualities of the NHS: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.
Sponsor: Mr. Robbie Bowers, Rm 229 & Mr. Kevin Turner, Rm 203
Sponsor Email: rmbowers(at), kturner(at)
Club Specs:
-Student must apply in order to be considered for the organization.
-minimum of a 3.35 GPA
-display excellent character
-Students who complete 10 hours of community service within the last year are eligible to apply during the fall of their junior or senior year.
-To maintain membership, students must keep their gpa above the 3.35 mark and complete 10 hours of community service per semester.
-At graduation, these students will wear a gold cord and tassel to recognize their membership in the organization.


Club Statement: Stimulate school spirit and provide various activities, especially homecoming parade and dance, throughout the year.
Sponsor: Ms. Ann Hill, Library or Ms. Katherine Jopling, Rm. 213
Sponsor Email: ahill(at), kjopling(at)
Club Specs:
-Fill out an application in the spring
-Open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors


Club Statement: We, as The Science Club, want to promote the learning experiences that can be gained through science and technology, and open students eyes to understanding that science and technology are an important aspect of society affecting the everyday lives of people.
Sponsor: Mr. Brad Erney, Rm 122 & Cristy Jones, Rm 107
Sponsor Email: berney(at), cjones(at)
Club Specs:
-$10 dues and a paragraph on why science is important
-Yearly Field Trip
-Multiple Guest Speakers from JMU, EMU, WHSV
An image of a castle built by a club member

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Ms. Harris-Henry


Club Statement: Tri-M is a music honor society whose purpose is to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in music students. Sponsor: Mrs. Becky Ford & Mrs. Kaitlyn Townsend
Sponsor Email: bford(at) ktownsend(at)
Club Specs:
-Currently enrolled in a music course
-Maintain an A average
-Be involved in community events
-Student must be nominated by previous year's exec board in order to apply



Club Statement: TSA, or Technology Student Association, fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs. The club motto is: Learning To Live In A Technical World
Website: click here! and here for the state TSA site!
Sponsor: Mr. Jim Peters, room 251
Sponsor Email: jpeters(at)
Club Specs:
-Open to students who have taken or are presently taking a Technology Education class in middle or high school.
-Club dues this year: $15.00 pays State & National Dues


Club Statement: The BHS TV club creates, writes, performs, produces, and edits a weekly news show for and about the Broadway High School community. We welcome members who would like to gain experience in front of and behind the camera.
Sponsor: Mrs. Ann Hill, Library
Sponsor Email: ahill(at)
Club Specs:
-must complete an application
-$5 dues
-open to any interested students


Club Statement: WLHS seeks to build understanding and connections between people by participating in community events that teach us about cultures. We are committed to learning about the people of the world as a way to diminish fear, intolerance and hate. We are open to new experiences.
Have you ever eaten arepas? Played games and painted faces with children who speak Spanish? Danced with Kurdish people from Iraq? Learned how to write your name in Japanese or say hello in Swahili? Watched a movie in French with subtitles? Prepared food from Russia or served lemonade at the International Dinner? Heard Flamenco guitar? Learned about cognates and root words in Latin, French, and Spanish to get ready for your SATs? Want to know more about what careers or paths of study await you in languages or how to travel and live abroad? Join us to try something new and learn about other places and people who teach us about the world. We are connecting, experiencing and learning. Join us.
Website: click here!
Sponsor: Ms.Fencer, Rm 111
Sponsor Email: nfencer(at)
Club Specs:
-Students receive an invitation to join WLHS if they are currently enrolled in French, Latin, or Spanish in Levels III, IV, V or AP, and earned an A or B the previous year.
-Alternatively, students receive an invitation to WLHS if they are enrolled in Level II of the second language and received an A or B the previous year.

A WLHS member with a child painting an image on her cheek.
A WLHS member with a child painting an image on her cheek.


Club Statement: The Youth In Government program is to prepare students for moral and political citizenship in local, state, or national government roles. YMCA Youth and Government provides guidance, training and an experience in the American democratic process through the forms of town, county and state governments. It is crucial for students to understand the importance of becoming involved in society and government. Only involved citizens can improve that society and all citizens must be educated in the process of policy-making where emotions and feelings are tempered by reason and by fact. For anyone interested in social studies or politics, this is an ideal club!
Sponsor(s): Mr. Jordan Biller, Rm 227 & Mrs. Jennifer Ennis, Rm 221
Sponsor Email: chostetler(at),
Club Specs:
-The first club meeting is open to all students

- Meets during 7th period in room 221
-$10.00 club fee
-Debate current events and policies within our community, state, and nation that are impacting us
-Interact with numerous guest speakers including elected leaders from the Town of Broadway, Rockingham County, and the state of Virginia
- Possible field trip to learn more about the founding of our government and the impact some of our founding fathers still have on us today
-Enjoy food and conversation during club meetings
-Possible trip to the youth Model General Assembly in Richmond in the spring where students can spend three days actually participating in the government process with other high school students across the state.