Attributes and Barriers

personal attributes valued by employers

P1 - personal attributes valued by employers

There are certain skills, Attitudes, and Attributes that are valued more than others by employers. These are attributes that can usually be applied to a working environment. These attributes are what make the employee stand out in a business and make them more valuable to the company. these attributes include:

  • Time Management

  • Technical knowledge

  • Confidence

  • Team working

  • Leadership

  • Health and Safety

  • Working Attitudes

Time Management

Time management is valued by employers because it shows them that you are able to manage your time effectively. this is important as if you needed to complete a specific task in a set amount of time, you would be able to do it to a set time as to not miss your deadline. If you were to go over your deadline when designing and creating software, it would cost the company a lot of money, So it is important to meet your deadlines and manage your time effectively so this does not happen. This also shows that you can turn up to work on time every day.

Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is a necessary attribute for most employees in almost all working fields. This is because it shows them that you are able to learn and understand how the software and hardware that you will be using that they need you to work with. this is important if you were to specialise in a technical field, such as software engineering, or hardware engineering, you would need to know what languages are compatible with each machine, for example, visual basic is not compatible with an OSX machine. the best way to show that you have this attribute is to show that you understand how to use a wide variety of software and hardware, because this will make you more valuable to the company.


Confidence shows the employers that you are confident in the work that you are doing and that you will complete it. this is important to the employers because if you have confidence, you will not be worried about not being able to complete the work that you are given, and will also be reliable. It is important to be confident as it shows that you are able to perform confidently and consistently throughout your work.


Team working shows that you are able to work well with others. This can be very important to the employer as you will be asked to work with several other people throughout your time at the company that you will be working at. if you are not good at working in a team, then the work will most likely not be completed that has been assigned to the group. good communication skills are needed for working in a team as you will need to get your ideas across to the other members of your group.


Leadership shows that you are able to take charge of groups of people and make sensible work deadlines and promote sensible ideas towards them. you may be asked to take control of a group of people and in these situations it is best to be ready for it. already having the skills makes it both easier for you and the company.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is very important to employers as it concerns others around you, such as coworkers and your employees. if you are able to divert from safety risks then the employer is more likely to employ you.

Working Attitudes

it is important for employees to have the right attitudes for a working environment. an employee must be enthusiastic about their work to show that they are passionate about what they are doing and that it will be done to the best of their ability. As well as this, the employee must also think positively about their work so that they don't slow down with their work as the time that they are at work progresses.

Communication Skills

When in the workplace it is not uncommon to see people of different ethnicities and cultures. When working with people of other ethnicities and cultures, it is important to not be biased towards people of different ethnicities and cultures. It is important to try and communicate clearly.

Interpersonal Skills

things like hearing impairments can cause problems in communication. to compensate for this there should be a person available to sign for them. and for people with visual impairments, all presentations should be made with a braille alternative. Adapting the way you speak can also be a valued skill, if you know the person wont understand more difficult words , then dont use them as they will have problems with understanding what you are saying. a lot of people do this when public speaking. the use of technology can benefit you greatly when talking to other employees. things like Email can help you communicate instantly with your peers.

Communication with writing

when you are communicating with your colleagues or employers, through Text, or Writing, it is important to make sure that you are grammatically correct, this shows your employers that you have a reasonable understanding of the English language. the use of things like slang and emoticons can come across as childish and shouldn't ever be used with people that you do not know. if you want to be taken seriously it is very important that you use correct grammar and not use emoticons.

Barriers to Effective Communication

There are certain barriers that can effect communication. things like background noise can make it hard to communicate over the phone, as well as face to face. this could be because the other person cant hear you, or they get distracted by something that they hear. Things like location can also make it hard for you to pass your ideas on to other members of the company. Also if a colleague isnt concentrating on what you are saying, it is unlikely for them to remember what you are saying to them.

Mechanisms to reduce the impact of Barriers in Communication

Mechanisms can be put in place within the workspace to reduce barriers in communication. this will allow tasks to be performed easier with fewer complications.

Background noise

People making loud noises causes a lot of distractions when people are working or communication. When a person is talking, these distractions can confuse the person and he can forget what he is saying, or people may not actually be able to hear them. a way to fix this would be to locate people that need to communicate more in a place that is quieter than other places.


Things like mobile phones can cause distractions to workers. This may stop the individual from concentrating on what someone is saying, or it could also distract other people who are working. it is important for employees to understand that their social lives should not intervene with the working environment as to ensure that the company can work with fewer distractions.

Lack of Concentration

Some peole who are listening may lose their concentration. This can usually be caused by employees having something else on their minds, like family life. The person talking must get straight to the point when talking to ensure that everyone understands what is going on. The person talking can also ask someone questions if they feel that the person listening is not concentrating on what they are saying.