Culture of Readers

Not just a product...but a process

Why ?

  • Purposeful structure for their self selected reading all year long
  • Motivational
  • Solving real world problems
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Connection to authors, audiences, teachers, other students
  • Collaboration with teacher librarian

What are your gifts? interests? questions?

Alex's idea to help students find books to read


  • New students cannot find books to read
  • Second grade students cannot get 'hooked' on a series
  • Students aren't finishing books
  • Students need to have more dialogue with others about books they've read
  • Want to connect with publishing companies to secure and promote ARC
  • Younger students need a structured environment to learn about an author
  • Students are not continuing to read in the summer months
  • Classical literature needs to be promoted with students
  • Students need to connect with books ( reader's theater)
  • Prolific authors' books are not being checked out
  • Students get stuck in a rut and read the same books over and over
  • Reading isn't perceived as being 'cool'
  • Students do not know how to dialogue about books in a meaningful way
  • Popular books are put on hold and then not checked out /read in a timely fashion

Solutions to problems....

What will they actually DO!

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Good problems too...

  • There are ‘good problems’
  • Students who have read everything by a particular author
  • Veracious readers…can’t find enough titles for them
  • Students who have read everything in sight
  • Students who love a particular author and want more…
  • Focus on a part of the library process ---
  • Checking out
  • Checking in
  • Documenting reading/books finished
  • Focus on an author --- is there an author that’s not getting noticed? Or checked out?
  • Focus on a time of year --- is there a time of year we need to ramp up reading for a particular group?
  • Focus on a library program – ICCA --- Is there something that needs to be done/changed with this program?

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Bank of problems and solutions:


Importance of COMMUNITY within the class, grade level and school

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Help with planning

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Abby's problem and solution...

I'd like to tell you about what I saw as a problem and how it at our school....

Showcase event

Wednesday, April 26th 2017 at 3:30pm


Ideas of technology utilized


Website creation

Twitter with autohrs

Skyping with authors

ARC copies

Book discussion groups - virtual

DESTINY info/stats



Communication with authors

Management ideas

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Will and Natalie's TED-Ed Talk
Alex's TED-Ed Talk 1
Aidan's TED-Ed Talk
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Teacher Librarian