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100 Gotcha Being Goods = 1 Readers Retreat to Celebrate!

We are Mathematicians!

This week, the students will take the Unit 4 practice test. The practice test will come home with your child so that he or she may review it over the break.

When we return to school on Monday, Jan. 4th, the students will engage in activities that review skills and concepts from the unit. The Unit 4 Math Test will be on Tuesday, January 5th.

In this unit, your child has been working on the following skills:

  • multiplication facts
  • solving multiplication number stories
  • writing multiplication number models with a variable to represent the unknown (example: 3 x a = 15)
  • division facts
  • solving division number stories
  • writing division number models with a variable to represent the unknown

We continue to review

  • area
  • perimeter
  • in and out boxes with multiplication and division
  • number grid puzzles

We are Readers!

We will read The Kamishibai Man by Allen Say.

This week's essential question: How can a new invention cause people's lives to change?

Skill: cause and effect

  • Good readers think about the events that happen in a story and think about how they are connected. A t-chart is a helpful tool that encourages the reader to record different cause and effects throughout the story.

Strategy: monitor and clarify

  • Good readers use strategies to make sure they understand what they read! Readers might reread a section to help clarify any misunderstanding.

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Test: Thursday, January 7th


Spelling will pick up again on January 8th. The next spelling test will be January 15th.
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We are Writers!

We wrapped up the Personal Narrative Unit and published our stories on iPads! More information to come about how you can get an e-copy! :)

We are starting our new writing unit: Informational Texts. Your child will show their expertise in a nonfiction topic. We'll learn to organize our topics into chapters. We'll include text and graphic features that will help make our books more interesting to the reader.

I cannot wait to see what the students write about!

Happy 2016!

Thank you for a great 2015. See you all in the New Year! :)