Mrs. Nelson's 1st Grade News!

Week of May 2nd

Book Buffet and MAY!!!

PLEASE remember the Book Buffet is Tuesday (tomorrow), May 3rd! Our time is from 9:45-10:45AM. The kiddos have been working SOOOOO hard on this.

Well... we have made it to MAY! Wow this year has just flown by! We have a lot of learning left and a lot of fun things left to do, so we aren't done yet! :)

Please see below for general reminders and important notes for this week!

Important Notes For This Week!

New Spelling Website:

Our class will be using VocabularySpellingCity for word study. Visit or download the app from the app store to get started. I have assigned each student a login and password. I have uploaded the list for this week already! For the username it is; firstnamelastname, for the password, everyone has 1234. So.... for example; Jon Smith

username: jonsmith

password: 1234

There were a few kiddos that the username was already taken. If the above doesn't work, have your child add their class number to the end of their firstnamelastname. So; Jim Jones

username: jimjones12 (12 is their class number)

password: 1234

I hope you find this as a great and helpful tool!

- We DO have reading and math homework as well as a spelling test on Friday. This came home today (Monday). Homework is due on Friday, and the spelling test will be on Friday as well.

- Animal Research Project: This is due Friday, May 6th! A note came home last week about this. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

-"Book Buffet": This is such a special event! It is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3rd from 9:45-10:45AM!

- Reading Folders: I am not sending home additional work in reading folders anymore. As a mom of a kindergartner myself, it is just too much.. ha! The regular math/reading homework will still come home weekly as well as the spelling words. This is plenty! Please make sure you are working with your students at home to practice the spelling words. I am seeing a decline in the grades, and the words are getting harder. Keep up the hard work.... it will pay off!

****- Unfinished work- Please make note if you see work that comes home marked "unfinished". I normally give work back to them if it is turned in unfinished for them to correct during the week. If it has a stamp "corrected" on it, then they finished it at another time. Either way, please discuss with your child the importance of finishing assignments. As they transition into the older grades, this will become extremely important and unfinished work will begin to hurt their grades. Thank you as always for your support!

- Reading Minutes: As always, students are expected to obtain their 100 minutes per week of reading. Please keep track of this on your child's behavior sheet nightly. Remember, you can put minutes from the weekend on the "Friday' spot.

- Please sign your child's take home folder nightly (the reading log and behavior sheet are now combined) and take out any papers that need to stay at home.

-"Graded Work"- Please look through your child's folder nightly and discuss any work that does come home. If you notice that your child is having trouble with a specific area, please take this opportunity to discuss the work with them to have another chance to practice. :)

- If you notice any work that is marked, "please sign and return",or "correct at home"; please be sure to look at those and return them to school. :)

- Baggy Books: If you notice that your child is bringing the same book home each night, or picking books that area below their level (marked on their baggy); please remind them it is their responsibility to change their books every morning. I remind them daily, but this is their task. :)

~Mrs. Nelson

What Are We Learning?

Language Arts:

- identifying and reading high frequency words

- decoding words (we call this Chunky Monkey)

- forming letters (handwriting)

- writing legibly

- matching sounds to letters

- writing- at least 5 complete sentences (beginning, 3 details, ending)

- story comprehension, story structure, and retelling a story (beginning, middle, and end), summarizing, main idea, author's purpose, retelling, and plot! We are also talking about making predictions and drawing conclusions! This week we are really focusing on story elements; setting, characters, plot, problem, and solution.

- parts of speech; nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!

- sentence punctuation and capitalization

- We are really starting to "chunk" words we don't know in order to help us sound them out. This basically means we look for parts we know; word families, blends, diagraphs, etc. This is the "chunky money" strategy!

- We will also be taking about "stretchy snake" as another decoding strategy.

-word families: review of ones previously taught

- review of special sound rules (open and closed syllables)

- For comprehension, we are focusing on fiction text this week!

- We will also be reviewing concepts from the year and taking an end of the year test.


- We will be reviewing concepts from the year and taking an end of the year test.

- We will begin to review and expand on what we have learned in regards to addition and subtraction. We will be hitting fact families, balancing both sides of the equal signs, and problem solving!

Science/Social Studies:

- We will be preparing for Mother's Day. :)

Spelling/Sight Words

There WILL be a spelling test on Friday! :)

Spelling Words: (r controlled vowels and diagraphs)

1. great

2. their

3. against

4. below

5. special

6. woman

7. left

8. called

9. different

10. found

11. start

12. going

Sight Words:

1. left

2. called

3. different

4. found

5. start

6. going

Upcoming Events... please check below for due dates, etc.

Spelling Test/Homework Due!

Friday, May 6th, 12am

Mrs. Nelson's Classroom

Book Buffet

Tuesday, May 3rd, 9:45am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

Our time is from 9:45AM-10:45AM

Animal Research Projects Due

Friday, May 6th, 12am

Mrs. Nelson's Classroom