Falcon Lake

"Best Fishing in Texas!"

Fishing License

Texas Fishing License Required

  • not required for people under the age of 17 or older than 65
  • Freshwater: $30

Mexico Fishing License Required

  • One day: $12.93 dollars
  • One week: $25.40 dollars
  • One month: $35.73 dollars
  • One year: $46.13 dollars

3 Major Invasive Threats

  • Zebra Mussels
  • Giant Salvinia
  • Lionfish

Endangered Species

  • Mexican Goby
  • Rio Grande Darter
  • Rio Grande Silvery Minnow


The mission of the ShareLunker Program is to involve the public in the conversation and enhancement of trophy bass fishing in Texas.

Falcon Lake has not yet participated in donating to this program.

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Top 5 Things to do at Falcon Lake

  • Falcon Beach Ranch
  • McGillivray Falls Self-Guiding Trail
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Falcon Lake Marina
  • The Laughing Loon