Morning Notes

Friday 17 January

Halcyon Visitor

Thank you to all for making Ms. Bainton's experience at Halcyon fantastic!

BBC School Report follow up:

Grade 6 got to interview two people who work in the news for part of their unit, "BBC School Report'. They had very intelligent and thoughtful questions and our guests were extremely impressed with how responsible they were! Later in the term you will see whole news reports created by our students. Well done grade 6! (Check out the photos below)

Upcoming Trips:

Grade 7 will be taking a trip to the V&A on Monday. The trip will be leaving at 10.30 sharp. You will need your iPads, topped up oyster card, and mathematical compasses.

To all

Members from the GIN club are collecting old school supplies, clothes, backpacks, toys and toiletries. Their will be donation boxes in each advisory with a full list of all the items that we are attempting to collect (please do NOT bring items not found on the list.)
Thank you for your participation, The GIN club.

DIY Halcyon recycling logo

Gwen, Celia and Isla want to welcome you to design our school's first recycling logo, that will get put on very recycling bin in halcyon.

The due date is: 3rd of February

To enter, please email, Ms. Zago at:

Don't worry if your design isn't chosen because there will be more opportunities to design for Halcyon.


Have words Halcyon and Recycling

Drawn by hand

Creative with shapes

We will need Name, Grade, Advisory written on the back of the paper

Once finished please hand to one of us!!

Thank you and good luck!! :-)

-Celia, Isla and Gwen.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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