The University of Chicago

This college is in Chicago, Illinois

The nickname

The Maroons are the intercollegiate sports teams of the University of Chicago. They are named after the color maroon. They compete in the NCAA's Division III. They are primarily members of the University Athletic Association and were co-founders of the Big Ten Conference in 1895 and members until 1946. The school was part of the Midwest Collegiate Athletic Conference from 1976 to 1987.

The mascot

Phil the Phoenix lives on top of Rockefeller chapel and serves proudly as the official mascot and phoenix of the University of Chicago. He is 3,000 years old.

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University of Chicago Campus Tour

The rentention rate


Average freshman retention rate

Columbia University

New York, NY


University of Chicago

Chicago, IL


Yale University

New Haven, CT


Brown University

Providence, RI


Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


Princeton University

Princeton, NJ


The Low-income demogragpics

Family income below $80K

95% who applied received aid

Family income between $80K and $120K

91% who applied received aid

Family income above $120K

59% who applied received aid

Aid goes to a wide diversity of students. For the incoming class of 2015, 93% of lower- and middle-income families who applied for financial aid received support from the university. Thanks to these and many other opportunities, 2/3 of students graduate debt-free.

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The student / teacher ratio

The unique combination of a liberal arts college with a research university encourages our professors to value teaching as much as research. Ninety percent of our courses are taught by faculty members, and the student to faculty ratio is 6:1. Most of our faculty also live in the neighborhood surrounding the University, a rarity for an urban university and a great resource for our academic community. Don’t be surprised to see your professors at the park, in line at the grocery store, or signing books after class at the local bookstore

Class sizes

Classes with fewer than

20 students (77.1%)

20-49 (17.2%)

50 or more (5.7%)



Classes with fewer than 20 students (77.1%)


20-49 (17.2%)


50 or more (5.7%)


Student-faculty ratio


4-year graduation rate


Five most popular majors for 2014 graduates



Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Mathematics and Statistics


Political Science and Government


English Language and Literature/Letters


The College Houses

The program I want to go

The program I want go to is science.I want to do science because The Women in the Physical Sciences Committee has been formed to develop and implement strategies to enhance the representation and advancement of women at the graduate, postdoctoral and faculty levels. Our vision is a division where all faculty, academic staff and graduate students find a thriving, supportive intellectual community that is committed to help each member realize his or her full career potential. As a division focused on scholarly excellence, our objectives include the implementation of creative and tailored strategies that will accomplish the following goals:
  1. To strengthen within our culture those values and procedures that support equality of opportunity and honor diversity of opinion in the pursuit of knowledge
  2. To develop targeted mentoring, training, climate interventions and support mechanisms to encourage all physical sciences faculty, academic staff and graduate students to attain their full career potential.
  3. To develop recruitment and retention strategies that will enhance the representation of women and minorities in all academic ranks in the PSD.
  4. To expand our efforts to identify women and minorities with leadership potential and provide them with opportunities to participate in governance within the division and the wider University.

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