Jacques Cartier

By Andre W

His Family

Jacques Cartier had two sisters and one brother. His parents were Jamet Cartier, his dad and Geffline Jansart, his mom. His sisters names were Berteline Cartier and Jehanne Cartier,his brother was Lucas Cartier.

His Three Voyages

Jacques Cartier was born December 31 and died September 1. On his first voyage King Francis sent him to the northern areas. But the real purpose of his voyage was to find a new route to Asia and collect goods, spices, riches, and gold. His second voyage was also sent by the king to sail the Atlantic the next year. This time he would go with 3 ships and 110 men. He went up the St. Lawrence river and stopped at Quebec. His third and final voyage was when the war in Europe called for another voyage.

Changes in Exploration Over the Years

Exploration has changed because now people can travel by plane instead of boat. Also the medical aid has changed because diseases spread a lot quicker but people have better medicine. We also can get to places a lot easier because even if you do go by boat we have motors, not oars. We can also just use a drone to fly around the world and not have to leave your house. We can also just FaceTime someone in another country and look around with them. In conclusion, exploration today is a lot more advanced.

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