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June 2016 Stella & Dot Team Newsletter

Save the Date

Our monthly all-stylist get together is Tuesday 7 June at 7pm at my house 11 The Oaks, Davenham, Northwich, Cheshire. CW9 8SL - when I will be opening up my kitchen to a Faux Trunkshow! That's right! You are the guests, I am the Stylist and the night will be aimed at demonstrating the trunkshow experience from start to finish. You will learn about Hostess Coaching (before the trunkshow), Setting up, Greeting guests, The Group Hello, Checkout Chat and planting trunkshow and sponsoring seeds, as well as follow-up after the Trunkshow. Will be a fab night and prosecco will be served (just like a real trunkshow ) lol! x
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Sell 1,000 PQV in May and you could win these shades!

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That's right! Choose your favourite pair of sunglasses and they could be yours! All you have to do is sell 1,000 pqv (divide by 1.22 to convert PQV into pounds sterling) that's £840 (or two trunkshows in May) . Then, you will be entered into our team draw! Here are the names of the people in the draw so far!

Laura Lovell

Kirsty Grosvenor

Emma Hall

Amanda Smart

Lisa Drew

Joy Grayson-Mahon

Stephanie Smith

Jane Buckle

Kerry Taylor

Caroline Vivers

Yvonne Crolla

Alex Wilks

You girls are SUPER SUPER CLOSE:

Claire Kelly

Joanne Forster

Frances Nesarajah

Nicola Heritage

Anne Bailey

Claire Parsons

Gail Hutcheon

Daniela Achtstetter

Deborah Waldron

Angela Parker

Marketing Tools for June

Have you seen the WATCH on Trunkshow Exclusive Offers ? Don't forget to print them out show them to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Training Call - How to Sponsor and Build a Team

Do you want to be a REAL Stylist with fashion and trend training under your belt?

Then come to Hoopla?

It's the MOST IMPORTANT training event of the enter YEAR. And will pave your way to ultimate success as a Stylist with Stella & Dot. Not only will you learn about all the key trends of the catwalk - you will also have the knowledge and skill to apply them to your own business - and give Style Advice with expertise and confidence.

Tickets for this London event 8-10 July are available on the Stylist Lounge (it is WORTH travelling for - trust me!).

The cost is £239 for the 3 day training event in London. But you get £200 back in free new collection jewellery anyway - so virtually pays for itself.

Tickets for this London event are available on the Stylist Lounge (it is WORTH travelling for - trust me!). Just log in to your account and click on HOOPLA.

On the Friday night, for our team only there will be the opportunity to join us for BOAT CRUISE down The Thames - tickets will be just £25 including food and arrival drinks as well as the boat party! Where else could you eat in London for this bargain price? Details to follow on how to book.

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Welcome to our newest Stylists

We are SO lucky to welcome some amazing new stylists to Stella & Dot.


Nicola Faulkner

Afshan Majeed

Jodie Tregarthen

Mo Owens

Lidia Prezer

Kirsty Gray

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Top 10 in May sales! (as of 26 May)

4 Amanda Smart

5 Lisa Drew

6 Joy Grayson-Mahon

7 Stephanie Smith

8 Jane Buckle

9 Kerry Taylor

10 Caroline Vivers

Team Promotions #SDJoy

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

    Please call me 0791 293 7224 if I can help you. I love supporting our team - it's my job as a sponsor x

    I am away on my holidays May 27 - June 7 (back for the team meeting) so please email to save yourself phone costs xxxx

    Our Focus this Month is Booking Trunkshows at Trunkshows:


    1) Have a conversation with your Hostess during setup to find out about the other guests arriving.

    2) Use your Personal Greeting (Your Group Hello) to share how FUN it is to hold a Trunk Show and thank the Hostess.

    3) During your Styling – Find out their favourite pieces, show them how to finish the look and tell them how they can pay for it ALL with the Hostess Rewards.

    4) Checkout Chat – Share the Hostess opportunity and offer them a date.

    5) Remember the fortune is in the follow-up. After the trunkshow, call each guest to check sure their order arrived. They will be so excited about wearing their new jewels that now is a great time to suggest getting free accessories next time by hosting one of their own trunkshows.