VCR Lesson 10

Virginia Reid

In the Middle Ages, walls were built around cities so that the city was an ______, surrounded by protection on all sides.
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1. A country entirely or mostly enclosed within the territory of another country.

2. A district or group isolated or enclosed by another one.

Alternate form: Enclave (verb)

Roots: Dia <G. "through"


empire, sovereignty, territory, district


outside, surrounding, unprotected

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly.

a) Because the village was an enclave, its culture remained mostly separate from its surrounding neighbors.

b) The Kurdish region is an enclave of Syria, since it is completely surrounded by the country.

c) The outskirts of a major city serve as a more peaceful enclave for suburban residents.

d) There are many Amish enclaves in the United States, where people can live their unique lifestyle while surrounded by the modern world.