Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure is devastating

  • Peer Pressure: influence from members of one's peer group.
  • Peer pressure is an extremely harmful and common occurrence in today's youth. Young teens are influenced by their "friends" into doing things they would never even think about doing otherwise. Without this we would have a much better society with less crime and ultimately a better nation and a better world to live in. Only you can resist peer pressure.

Quote from Self-Reliance

  • "Insist on yourself; never imitate."
  • This quote is saying to be yourself and to lead down your own path, to never try to be something you're not and stick to your own morals.

Effects on highschool and beyond

Without peer pressure people would be more likely to do better in high school without the bad influence from others. Ultimately high school is the beginning of your long life and depending on how you do you set yourself up for success or failure.

Bettering yourself

Through not sucuming to peer pressure ultimately you will better yourself by learning to lead down your own path and not just the road most traveled. You also will be less likely to make life changing mistakes.
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