The Works Cited Page

Definition and Explanation by Leila Falkner

What is it?

The Works Cited Page is where you cite your sources for any type of project, also known as the bibliography.

When do you make it?

The Works Cited Page can be done for any original piece or project you make. It is essential in professional and educational settings for copyright reasons. "When in doubt, make a Works Cited Page" -Leila

How do you make it?

Step One: Title the page 'Works Cited' in plain, centered text

Step Two: Create a hanging indent for the rest of the paper.

Step Three: Insert your MLA citations in alphabetical order.

Step Four: Indent after EVERY citation.

Why do you make it?

No one wants a zero. You make a Works Cited Page to prevent plagiarism and provide additional sources for the audience. You make a Works Cited Page because Mrs. Neal said so...