The Secret Is In What You Do Daily

= Give Value

Referrals are easy when they are built in the sale...

When communicating with your prospective client always... always act as if they bought but didn't. In order to receive more "GET Value" you have to offer more "GIVE Value".

Under Construction

Our businesses are "always" under construction. This is a wonderful thing. It is very important to always continue to be open and learn new things in growing our businesses. It is a positioning. Positioning yourself for the abundance which is ready to find you!

Your Client Attraction Assignment ~

Next.... Take Your Give Values

  1. Build your referral process in the sale.
  2. Do something each day to create awareness in your market.
  3. Incorporate high and low touch marketing into your client attraction methods.
  4. Begin your coaching sessions to continue building your strategies.

New Agent Fast Track, Inc.

Dawn Hogan is a known for helping small business owners and real estate professionals who struggle to market their business need to attract long term clients consistently. She offers private and group coaching, workshops, classes. She can be reached at 574-216-8450 or 219-988-5313