OPS Compass- Early Adopters Program

What is the OPS Compass- Early Adopters Program?

We're sending you a special invitation to join our new OPS Compass- Early Adopters Program for technology. Do you like to try new features in beta and provide feedback on how the product can get better? This program may tap into that interest and allow you to have a voice in the Omaha Public Schools process.

The program has two main objectives:

1. Allow participants to test new technology devices and/or applications the district may be interested in acquiring, or features that current partners are planning to push into products we currently use.


  • Microsoft Outlook Mail- You may have noticed the toggle button which allows you to turn on the "new Outlook". This was originally pushed to just a few select members of our staff who provided feedback directly to Microsoft. They were given the choice to try this feature by being provided a toggle option to turn on or off this new feature.

2. Allow participants to provide feedback they have piloted to allow for improvements or to support decision making.


  • For the "new Outlook" option, we had a small group of staff test out the feature for a few weeks. They documented issues, gave feature suggestions and provided Microsoft feedback through an online call.

Who is being invited into the program?

We are creating a pool of approximately 50 staff members from varied roles and backgrounds to be part of the program.

We are sending this invitation to:

  • Classroom teachers who have completed a minimum of two years of the Microsoft Innovative Educator program and/or the Instructional Technology Leadership Program who can provide insight on the instructional level.
  • Building tech supports who may provide insight on the technical level.
  • Key department staff who may provide insight on the job specific level.

What can you expect as a participant?

  • Choice in which features or applications you test out.
  • Choice in whether you want to provide feedback or not.
  • Approximately 1-2 features or applications to test out per year.
  • Approximate timeline for testing feature and providing feedback would be six weeks.
  • Online calls/webinars to learn about the new feature or application to determine if you want to participate.
  • Support from the IMS training staff to learn the new feature or application.

Would you make a good participant?

We are looking for the following qualities:
  • Willingness to try new features before being released to all staff and students.
  • Ability to provide feedback via documentation, online calls, via email, etc.
  • Understanding that new features in beta will not always work perfectly, and that record keeping will take place to share issues or request features.

Note: To make this as easy as possible for you, we are looking at doing this all online unless you request for a trainer to come work with you specifically.

How do you sign up to be a participant or get more answers?

Complete the form below, and if you leave a comment that you have more questions, Eileen Heller will follow up via email or phone call. We hope to get the group lined up by the end of January.

OPS Compass- Early Adopters Program Form