Child Labor

Industrial Revolution Jacob Kohler

Coal Bearers

This is all this children did. Carry a large cart full of coal up to the surface and it was a very hard job to do
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Jobs Children Did In The Factories

  • Match Dippers- Children would dip mathces into deadly phosphorous Which was not healthy to breath in and sometimes rotted childrens teeth out.
  • Coal Bearers- Children would carry a pack or cart full of coal through a tiny mine shaft to the top of the mine. They would do this all day.
  • In cotton factories children would clean lint from under machines. The machine would keep going so children could get caught in the machines and seriously injured or killed.
  • Some children worked on farms and all they would do is scare the birds away from the crops.

Factory Conditions

These children in this factory were beaten and abused. If you look you can see a little girl crawling out from under a machine before she gets caught
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Hours, Food and Conditions

  • Conditions in factories were horrible and children and workers were often locked in so they couldn't leave
  • The hours that these children worked were very long, some as long as 16 hours a day. some were only around 12 hours a day.
  • Children working in the factories had little or no pay for all the hard work they put forth
  • One of the most common was oatcake which was like a cookie and hard and coarse

Injuries in Factories

This child got some of his fingers cut off in a machine. this is what happen to children in the factories
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Accidents That Often Happened

  • Body parts would get mangled in machinery due to lack of safety
  • In many incidents muscle and skin would be stripped down to the bone
  • Little kids would get caught in machine and mangled and killed. One incident a girl was caught in a machine and when they finally got here every bone in her body was crushed.
  • In many incidents children's fingers would be cut off

Punishments Children Faced

This child was whipped severely as you can see in the picture below
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Punishments Children Faced

  • Children were often hit with a whip to make them work faster
  • In some factories children were dipped head first into a water cistern if they became to tired to work
  • Children were often beaten black and blue and it was a regular site
  • Some children were beaten over the head with sticks until they bled

Efforts To Stop Child Labor

People protest against child labor
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Efforts To Improve/Stop Child labor

  • There was the Cotton Factories Regulation Act of 1819 which made the minimum work age 9 and maximum hours to 12 a day
  • There was the Ten Hour Bill of 1847 which regulated hours of women and children to 10 hours
  • There was also the Regulation of Child Labor Law of 1833 which made inspectors to oversee that factories followed child labor guidelines
  • One of the groups against child labor was National Child Labor Committee