Leonardo Da Vinci


He studied many things. He studied music, which Castiglione said was a trait of a perfect man.

Places he lived

Born in Vinci

Moved to Florence

Moved to Milan

Moved back to Florence in 1500

Moved back to Milan in 1506

Moved to Chateau of Cloux


The Duke of Milan


He made sketches for flying machines and undersea boats.

He dissected corpses to learn how bones and muscles work.

His talents include botany, anatomy, optics, music, architecture, and engineering

Mona Lisa

The image shows a women, Lisa Gherardini.

The medium is oil

The style is not biblical

The technique used cottonwood panels

The method left no visible brush marks

Big image

Last Supper

The image shows a religious ceremony

The medium is the wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The style is fresco

The technique is perspective

The method took three years to complete

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Vitruvian Man

The image shows the proportions of man

The medium is pen and ink

The style is handwritten

The method is anatomy

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