What Not Feed Your Baby

Tips and Tricks to a Healthy Baby Diet... Taylor Williams

When is it okay to give my baby no-no foods and what should I do if there is a food accident? How do these things effect my baby?

  • 6 months on average
  • Be careful for the future, but one time should be too harmful
  • Solid foods too early cause obesity and difficulty sleeping

What should I not feed my baby? What shouldn't I put in my babies food if I make it and should I be making baby food for my baby with allergies?

  • Cow milk, Honey, and Adult Cereal
  • Avoid sugars and salt
  • Yes, making baby food allows a parent to know everything in the food
  • Feeding these to a baby can cause...
  • Obesity and sickness
  • Cereal contains too many sugars and starches babies cannot digest

I am struggling with my babies allergies. What are some ways to know my baby has allergies?

  • Key symptoms of allergies are
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Hives and/or Rashes
  • Swelling and closure
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