American Charities of America

March 19, 2015

American Charities

ACA mission is protecting pets, wildlife, and endangered species and teaching people to treat animals with respect. Humane training of animals as helpmates and companions to people in need. Members seek to humanely control domestic animal populations, to protect national treasurers like the Bald Eagle, and rescue animals from cruelty, neglect, abuse and exploitation. While the health and human service provided by guide dogs is clear, all ACA members serve the human population by teaching people to treat animals with respect. Other benefits to the human population include health and disease control and abuse prevention of children connected to abused pets.

Animal Charities

Animal Charities of America. What sets ACA apart from other animal charities is the dependability and dedication of their member charities as they work to end all animal cruelty and suffering caused by abandonment, abuse, inhuman treatment and animal testing. ACA member charities strive to provide services such as trained service dog for independent living, no-kill animal rescue and adoption, spay/neuter, advocacy initiatives, and numerous educational forums. People should stop treating animals bad.