Kindergarten Enrichment


What is the Kindergarten Enrichment Program

The goal of this program is to provide recommended kindergarten students with enrichment activities that will challenge their thinking abilities and stimulate advanced problem solving. Students meet once a week for 45-60 minutes for one quarter. Persistence is an overarching theme for the students as well. We describe this as continuing to work at a problem, especially when it's difficult and you don't think you can solve it. Our enrichment group will meet this quarter. Following this structure enables the greatest number of students to participate.

Week One Activities

Tangrams are a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes. These puzzles are available in different sizes, but they will always have the same seven shapes. The shapes are two large triangles, two small triangles, one medium triangle, one square and one parallelogram. The goal is to increase spatial reasoning skills.

Week Two Activities

Artists use shapes creatively when illustrating children’s stories. We will examine illustrations and use sticker dots to design creative pictures and write a sentence about their illustration.

Week Three Activities

Pentominoes are twelve piece puzzles. Each puzzle piece represents a letter of the alphabet. We will use pentominoes to cover different shapes, beginning with simple puzzles and then increasing in complexity. This gives students the opportunity to once again practice their spatial reasoning skills.

A tangram station may also be available for students after pentominoe practice.

Week Four and Five Activities

We will solve various picture puzzles. This includes analogies, logic puzzles, and block puzzles. We will work through several examples together and students will also attempt to solve problems independently.

Week Six Activities

We will use play dough to create non-verbal, visual representative answers to questions. Students will use flexible thinking when creating their answers. We will use a gallery walk to hear about their creations and discuss what makes some answers particularly creative.

Weekly Activities

Each week we will be using divergent thinking skills to discuss questions as a whole group. Questioning tends to be centered around a central theme. For example, we may be asking questions about bridges. Some questions may be:

"Why do we need bridges?"

"How do you think people got the first idea for a bridge?"

"Why are there not usually stop lights on a bridge?"

The above activities are our plans for the quarter and we will do our best to meet these objectives. Some activities may require more than one session and unanticipated events do cause schedule changes. Thank you in advance for your understanding. At any time please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.