April 2023

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Although last year seems like a lifetime ago, you may remember the many "Town Hall" public meetings held for staff and our community. During those meetings, we reviewed the Early Childhood Center Website and our plans for the New Early Childhood Building.

FINALLY, after all of those meetings, the Task Force's hard work, and support from our staff and community to pass the referendum, we are planning for the start of the work you will actually "see." There has been TONS of work going on in the background, but we are excited to begin "watching it," too.

The District expects to break ground very late in the summer 2023 / early fall of 2023. As you can probably imagine, construction = traffic changes / traffic impact. It is important that we begin preparing everyone NOW for the upcoming work so it isn't a surprise. This work WILL impact

Traffic Pattern Impact Information

We will be communicating this information throughout the upcoming months. It is important to understand that School 4 and LHS will be impacted by the construction work taking place over the next few years as we prepare to open our new Early Childhood Center.

Our Early Childhood Center Website

(Can be found on our District Webpage.)

The construction expected to take place over the summer of 2024 will impact our 2023 - 2024 school year calendar.
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This year we will run our Kindergarten Orientation Program in both School 4 & 5 for all in-coming kindergarten students

Aug. 7th - 10th

9 am - 12 pm


This summer our summer school programs will run as follows:

6/28/23 - Summer School Begins

7/3 & 7/4 - Summer School is closed

8/3/23 - Last day of General Education Summer School

8/8/23 - Last day of Extended School Year Special Education Summer School

More information will be forthcoming.

Our Cafeteria Staff have been trying out some new selections for our menu. Students at LHS were able to engage in some taste testing of these new items. The students also provided feedback using a survey provided by a QR code.

Overall, our new items were a HUGE hit!

Congratulations to one our very own Lions - Occupational Therapist, Ms. Jennifer McGarry! She is now a published author of "No Screen Nora: And the Paper Plates." Nora’s message is simple as she shows how to have fun with an everyday item. You can find this awesome book on Amazon! We are so proud of you!

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Our gorgeous Prom King and Prom Queen:

Lamar Greene

Aniyah Lampley

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Once the dancing began, the students didn't leave the floor. In fact, it was so much fun that several teachers even got out there to show off their moves.

Women's History Month

As a culminating activity for Women’s History Month, students at LHS (who participated in the month’s Spirit Week activities) were invited to attend a showing of “The Woman King”, which tells the story of an African Tribe that used female warriors to protect their kingdom. Prior to movie, students heard from a panel of current and retired US Armed Forces members (including our own Nurse Barry) about their experiences.


The Leading Ladies Club of Lindenwold High School, co-led by Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Krupinski, hosted a Women's History Month "Strong Women Rock" Tea. The event featured readings and poems from students and invited female faculty members to join in on the celebration. The attendees heard from guest speaker Ma’isha L Aziz, Esq. a former Camden County Judge and current attorney. She is also the advisor of the NAACP Camden County East Youth Council.


Lindenwold is one of the school districts who participate in what is known as the "Cappies Awards." Students attend spring theater shows from all of the participating districts and write reviews.

LHS SENIOR - MR. MICHAEL GOMEZ-CRUZ was chosen TWICE to have his work published.

LHS SENIOR - MARISA MILLER was selected by Pennsauken to have her review published!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Check out one of the THREE LHS authored works shared with a variety of communities.



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POP! The Question, would you� like to see Lindenwold High School's performance of "The Wedding Singer?" Yes!

The "The Wedding Singer" made its debut on Broadway in 2006, with lyrics and music by Chad Beguelin and Matthew Sklar. It was written by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy, who wrote the original 1998 film by the same name. Wedding Singer Robbie Hart makes sure everything is magical for people's special day, but what's supposed to be the best day of his life falls short when his bride sends a note to the altar instead of walking down the aisle. Wanting nothing to do with weddings anymore, Robbie finds himself being pulled along to help one of the waitress' from the wedding venue, Julia Sullivan, plan her wedding. Julia helps push Robbie through his heartbreak, helping him regain his hope for love.

The cast's high energy had the audience dancing in their seats. The vocals and acting of the leads and ensemble kept the audience enthralled in the story. Stage crew mirrored the energy of the cast, jumping out, moving all the many student-made sets, and tackling any sudden mishaps quickly and efficiently.

David Bonilla-Mendoza led the cast with his role of Robbie Hart, a part he tackled with flying colors. His acting through the ups and downs of the story kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The chemistry between him and his co-star Aryana Cruz, who played Julia Sullivan, electrified the stage. Their voices blended together beautifully with all their harmonies. The energy they performed with captivated the audience, and that energy flowed throughout the rest of the cast.

From every vocal to dance move and little scene in between, the ensemble put everything into their performance. They reacted to everything going on around them, stayed in character, and kept the story moving smoothly. Michael Gomez-Cruz who played George (Robbie's friend and band member) and Kyra White who played Rosie (Robbie's grandmother) had the audience laughing for ages at their line delivery and mannerisms, and the laughs kept coming when they performed their duet Move That Thang. Karina Moreno who played Holly (Julia's friend) and Marisa Miller who played Linda (Robbie's absent bride) wowed the audience with their powerful voices and even more powerful delivery. The ensemble cast switched seamlessly from role to role. This was true for Serenity Carter who received laughs for her different roles, including Dara Fonda (the not so honorable maid of honor) and Tina Turner (a Las Vegas look alike performer).

The student crew had their hand in every aspect of the show. From the new lighting system (complete with disco balls on the walls) that was controlled and operated by students, to the "wedding cake" style set that was student built. 45 cakes were handmade for the different wedding and party scenes. Large, props and life-like sets wheeled on and off smoothly and efficiently by the stage crew. "Party like it's 1986" the makeup and costumes were true to the time period, bright colors and 80's hairstyles providing an entertaining atmosphere for the show.

It may not be your wedding day, but all your problems melt away seeing Lindenwold High School's high energy, fun filled performance of "The Wedding Singer."

by Eve Amalfitano of Holy Spirit High School
Congratulations to Fatima Mendez on being selected to represent Lindenwold Schools during the NJSBA Camden County 8th Grade Dialogue. One student from each of the Camden County School Districts were invited to participate in an 8th grade panel representing their school district. We are so proud of Fatima!


Over 250 LMS students benefitted from a day of fun - part of our PBSIS initiatives.

These students worked hard to earn great grades (A's & B's), each of these students represent having no discipline issues, and no student earned more than 2 latenesses.

We are so proud of our students. They had tons of fun, but after our spring break, it will be time to get back to the hard work. But these kids can DO IT!!!!!


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We are so proud of your hard work! You definitely "SHOWED WHAT YOU KNOW!"

Preschool Community Newsletter (English & Spanish)


Mr. Gadson was the Master of Ceremonies for PK Bingo Night! What a GREAT family turn out!!!

PK Women's History Celebration

Women's History Month's culminating activity ended with a celebration of some influential women.

Here are a few of the classes:

Ms. Horner's class learned/presented about Mary Anning, the first female paleontologist.

Ms. Mader's class learned/presented about Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ms. Bates' class learned/presented about Amelia Earhart.

Ms. Cippolone's class learned/presented about Dolly Parton.

Ms. Caporale's class learned/presented about astronaut Mae Jemison.

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This year's Read Across America Week welcomed readers throughout our community: Township Council, Our Fire Department, Police Department, Board of Education, Staff, etc... We even had SpiderMan and Elsa join us, too!
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You can find all previous editions of the Lion's Roar on the Staff Resources page.


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