Sage Gardens

Condo Development in St. Albert

Presented by Vision Investment Properties

Condo Development Unveiled: Sage Gardens

Vision Investment Properties is pleased to unveil its latest condo development in St. Albert: Sage Gardens.

By definition, sage means a wise person. It is also a light shade of green and a type of plant. A member of the mint family, the sage plant is often used for culinary or decorative purposes. Sage, also referred to as salvia, means to save or heal. In the past people believed that sage could render them immortal. They also believed that businesses thrived where sage grew.

As a word with many significant meanings, we have decided to name our condo development Sage Gardens. We will be planting sage onto our unique rooftop garden in tribute to the building name and its associated qualities. Sage reflects our condo development's many eco-friendly features. It also represents the balance between our concern for the environment and green living. We hope that our sage gardens will be the backdrop of many warm memories that will be created in our condo development.

Our condo development in St. Albert will be 6-storeys tall with four different phases. We will offer 1, 2, or 3-bedroom suites. Sage Gardens is a unique condo development due to its many sustainable and environmentally friendly features. Aside from the rooftop garden, Sage Gardens will feature efficient heating and ventilation systems, as well as natural lighting.

Stay tuned for more exciting information on our latest condo development project, Sage Gardens!