Working Off the Candy

Five Days in November with Lots to Do

New Books, New Books, New Books

We started our historical fiction unit this week with students reading either Snow Treasure or Shades of Gray. The students have new roles for these literature circles. Some days they may have a job in addition to reading, while other days they may have to just read the book. One student each day will be the discussion director for the group. We reviewed today that students need to be ready with their task to make the groups work on a daily basis.

A word of caution, the Shades of Gray book is set after the Civil War. It shares a portion of its title with a series of books for adults. I was hesitant to use it last year just for the title, but it is so well written and very powerful for the students, that is why I include it in my class. Just be careful doing an internet search!

Report Cards November 13

Just a reminder that report cards will be different this year, in that they will be posted on Parent Portal on November 13th. There will not be a paper copy of the report card unless you formally request one in the office. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chorus Production Tuesday, December 15

Our students will join with Mrs. Elsie's and Mrs. Sullivan's classes on Tuesday, December 15 to present a play about Lewis and Clark and their explorations. The show will be presented at 1:20 p.m. and at 6 p.m. When we get closer to the performances, I will let you know what time the students need to be at school for the evening performance.

Plants Test Next Thursday!

We will wrap up our plants unit next Wednesday. A study guide will be coming home on Friday to review.