Sunday Focus

Week 4 Term 2 2016

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On Monday we 'Go Live' at 7.30 am. During the first couple of days there are tasks which Sandy, Tracy and myself have to complete. Can I please ask that if you need to discuss anything with Sandy and Tracy that does not require an immediate response can all staff please leave the ladies to complete the tasks.

During the first few weeks simple tasks will take longer.

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If you haven't already can you please forward me your timetable. If possible in a digital form.
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PBL Lessons and assemblies

Our PBL team have been working hard preparing the lessons to highlight our expectations. I will be using the language of our expectations on assemblies. I look forward to watching how PBL can bring consistency to our student wellbeing at BAPS.
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Panel for chaplain

With Lynda Rivers leaving we will need to form a panel to select our new chaplain. I will ask Paula to take a vote at our next meeting.

The interviews will be held on the morning of the 23rd May.

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Thank you to everyone for the way you all helped out the NAPLAN team to create the best environment for our grade 3 & 5 children.
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LST Review

We welcomed our AP LAST Michelle Hampson last week to support Nic in coordinating our LST review. Thank you for giving your time to provide valuable feedback on how we support our most needy children. The data collected will be used to improve our LST into the future.

Lifting NAPLAN Outcomes for ATSI

Our school has been selected to receive funding to help meet the ministers' target for Aboriginal students. The Lifting NAPLAN Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students funding will provide a tutor to work in class with our ATSI children achieving in the middle bands in NAPLAN. More details will follow.

Joint Funding for K-2 play equipment

Whilst Kerry was Principal a joint funding application was made to improve our K-2 play area. This funding was successful and work will commence soon on the upgrade.
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The Yarn Tree

Helen and I have been in discussions with Greg Colby from the Yarn Tree about strengthening our community links. We are looking at a partnership that will bring more community members in to tend to our vegetable garden. If you would like to learn more about Greg's project the links are below.

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Our community have been out supporting BAPS again. We placed second in the Cash for Classrooms promotion.

We will receive $3000 to spend on resources. If you have any thoughts about the best way to use this money please let me know. I will also ask our P&C for their input.

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Instructional Coaching Feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed the feedback. I will share the results with our executive Monday and reshape our instructional coaching for term 3.
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Report Timeline

Could all generic comments please be forward to me by Friday.


Whilst I acknowledge that the timing is not great, this Thursday and Friday I will be representing BAPS at the ConnectED conference. This conference is coordinated by leaders across the Central Coast and brings together great minds to look at advancing public education. I hope to come away with future focussed ideas for our school.
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