Survival Guide Sahara


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Plane crashed

The plane crashed in Africa in the Sahara desert It is very hot and dry during the day it is above 100 degrees F and at night it can be as cold as below 50 degrees F It is temperate.


There is the Monitor Lizard, Sidewinder, and Dorcas and alot more. The Monitor Lizard can give me food food and a weapon. It can kill me very easy with its venom a single bite will kill me. I can use it venom to kill other animals.
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Plants that can help you survive

The Date palm, Doum palm, Thyme. The Date palm can give me a food and water. Yes its edible, yes its harmful it can stab me with its points and it is not poisonous
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First step is to make shelter, second step is to find some water to not get dehydrated, third step find food from anything, fourth step is to make a fire too stay warm and too keep all the creppy crowlers away.
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