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All my life i been told i couldnt do it by family friends etc... but life it doesnt stop for any one its your job to prove them wrong to keep going to keep pushing forward with the power of god on my side i will not crumble i will not fall and i will prevale and all these scars from over the years will be all for everything i wanted to get to in life


"success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstaicles ,failure, and loss only act as motivation"
this is to show that i will not give up no matter what i go through in life no matter the loss of family friends or anything else i will succeed and i will not let anybody stop me from reaching my destiny and where i feel im going in life
Aloe Blacc - I'm The Man (Lyrics HD)
this song shows that one day i want this happen for me for everyone who ever came at me wrong or said i wouldnt make it or i wouldnt become what im pushing towards in life its gone show them no matter what they try to say its not gonna stop me and i will be the man lol
these show where i wanna end up after high school wanna go to oregon and play on a scholarship for them and afterwards hopefully get drafted to the NFL all depends on what god has planned for me
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My backround bio

Ever sense i was younger i loved playin football with my stepdad and wanted to make it a profession in life so i wanna strive to make that happen and i will make that happen no matter what it takes