Three Term Contingency Model



The ABC model takes place in Adaptive Behavior Analysis therapy as a scientific approach to modify behavior. The three part consist of discrimintive stimuli, operant response, and a reinforcer or punisher. All these compose fundamental parts of operant conditioning.


Antecedent: an event that occurs before behaviors and may cue or set the stage for certain behaviors

Behavior: behavior/action of concern

Consequence: event or events that follows a behavior and determines whether the behavior will be repeated


If a child has a struggling behavior such as hitting, an ABC chart would be completed to document what caused the behavior, what the specific behavior was, and what the consequence was. For example, if the child does the behavior for attention, the consequence would be continuing prompts and the student continuing to hit due to not wanting to do the task. To help, a teacher can provide an alternate way the child can receive attention such as being a teacher helper or giving him a bell he can ring when he would like to talk.