Tim Berners-Lee and Alan Turing

The Creators of the Internet.

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Alan Turing

The Father of Computers

Alan Turing was an English mathematician, code breaker and the father of modern computers. He was born in Londonon the 23 June, 1912. Turing's parents lived in India until 1926. Turing studied Maths at Cambridge and sometimes taught about the world of quantum mechanics. It was at Cambridge that he thought of the idea which that an automatic compution can solve all mathematical problems. This idea, known as the Turing macine is the idea behind basic computers. In 1936 he went to university in America and returned to England in 1938.He then began to work in secret for the British, war time, code-breakng depatment. After the war he started developing his Turing Machine. His palns for this machine were dismissed by his colleages and the lab lost the title of being the first to design a computer. In 1951 he was elected for the Royal society. In 1952, he was arrested and tried for being gay. He accepted injections for a year but then comitted suicide on 7 June, 1954.

Tim Berners-Lee

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Founder of the world wide Web