Come to Earth Today.

blue and green is good for me. by Sam Johnson 12/2/15.

About Earth.

Mass- 5,972,190,000,000,000 billion kg.

Diameter- 12,756 km

Circumference- 40,030 km

Surface temperature ranges from -114 degrees Fahrenheit to 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earth has one moon.

gravity keeps our planet orbiting the sun. one time around the sun is called a revolution.

rotation is the earth spinning on its axis. it creates our days.

earth is a sphere because any edge that stuck out would be pulled in by the force of gravity.

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what it's like to live on earth

An earth day is 24 hours. A year is 365 days.

We have four seasons on earth, summer, winter, spring, and fall. The seasons are caused by the earth tilting on its axis.

Earth gets energy from the sun.

a light year is how far light can travel in one earth year.


On earth, there are many things to do. you can go see the mountain or the beach.

You should dress according to where you want to stay. If you are going to stay somewhere cold than you should where a coat.

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