Visual arts by Jayden.M

Cluster/ Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Reasons why i want this career

I love to draw thing,

I like to express the way I feel

I feel conferrable doing what I do best.

Traning and education

To participate in this job you first need to have a batchers degree in fine arts. Other training required include arts, shop, home economics, and art skills.

Work Enviorment

The work environment of this job can be indoor and out door. It is office work and filed work the dress code is nothing fancy or special you just come with normal everyday clothing

Job discription

The salary for this job is 44,400 dollars per year. Along with this job comes a lot of responsibility's. Which starts with developing and creating new ideas or newer methods for art. Creating models, sketches, and templates, shape, cut, and join to create art.


To sum it all up my career is visual arts which models and draws. They can make up to 44,400 dollars per year. you need a batchers degree in fine arts and you have lots of responsibility's.

Am i still likely to chose this Career

After all of this I am still likely to chose this career. I say this because art is one of my favorite things to do.
I got all this information at Bureau of labor statistics.