variables and data types

what are the three data types?

what are data types?

well the data types are three things that are used in programing. these three different variables that are use in programming computer. there is only three and they can run a computer imagine that. there are integers witch are a whole number such as .23. that would be a integer and that is one of the data types it could also be used like this "hi I am Thomas" "how old are you" 23. this is a string " hi my name is Thomas lynch" that is what a string is a string is anything that is between quotation marks. the final one is float and a float is a decimal number and it will look anything like this- 0.2, 0.22, 0.222, 0.2222 you get the idea.

this is some pictures f computer programming!

Have a go at this

this is a game where you can do some programming!/exercises/0

in this game you will have to program.